Sunday April 10th 2016

After a disappointing  first day at the World Trials Championship in Spain, Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (Beta) dominated on Day Two losing only one point,to take the win, in what they are now calling Trial GP 2. - Pic courtesy Trials Central.   -  Jack Peace (GG) took another convincing win in the 125cc Class, making it double victory, for the talented English teenager.

In spite of riding injured, it appears that Toni Bou is leading the top class after finishing second yesterday - the scores look quite different from yesterday, with Cabestany well down the field at the moment - more on this later..  - Lots of video on FB - of Adam Raga. (TRS)

Final Results. - 1st  Toni Bou (Honda) 2nd Adam Raga (TRS) 3rd James Dabill (Vertigo)

Brilliant result for James Dabill  - Yesterday’s winner Albert Cabestany finished 7th.

1. Toni Bou -   (Honda)  10

2. Adam Raga -( TRS)    24

3. James Dabill (Vertigo) 39

4. Jamie Busto - (Honda)45

5. Takahisa Fujinami (Honda)- 47

6. Jeroni Fajardo - ( Vertigo)  49

7. Albert Cabestany -  (Sherco) 52

8. Loris Gubian -  ( Beta )  - 60
9. Jorge Casales - ( Beta)   63

10. Franz Kadlec -  (GG )    64

11. Matteo Grattarola - (GG) 67

12. Eddie Karlsson - (Honda) 69

13. Miquel Gelabert - (GG) 70

14. Pol Tarres - (TRS)  71
15. Alexandre Ferrer - (Sherc0)82

Yesterday I met up with Dale Douglas of Whistler, who has just bought the 2015 Beta Evo 300 4T that we had for sale - this belonged to Josef, who will now have to wait a few weeks until his new Factory bike comes in.



I see that Sam is on route back to Canada, after spending the winter over in China doing shows with a bunch of other Aussie riders - I’m sure he will have lots of stories to tell when we see him.


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