Friday April 15th 2016

We got a call from Chris Walton yesterday to let us know that the property where the CPTA hold their events at IOCO belongs to BC Hydro, plus Some Crown Land, so therefore under the new BC Off Road legislation, all bikes should have the decal displayed. - While they (the club) do not expect to see any “CO” show up - it is up to the individual rider to be legal. -( Nobody is going to be stopped from riding the Trial on Sunday)  - Chris told me that they have been checking for registration in Squamish.

Most of the people that I’ve spoken to have already registered their bikes, which is certainly a gong show for many owners. - Just for the record, we have found the best Insurance brokers to deal with are Johnston Meier Agencies, and in Vernon, you should call Sue Wall.


Meanwhile Thursday was another busy day - shipping parts - then washing bikes & vehicles, before cutting up all the cardboard from the Beta crates, and taking that and all the wood bases to the dump ( shame really to throw these pallets away because they are made of good wood) - Met up with Andrew from the Vernon Club - who works there, so the trip was quite long, as we discussed a lot of Bike stuff & upcoming events - Andrew will be on his way to the Island as I type this, to compete in the two day races which form part of the series.


As most of our readers know - we are having issues with our emails - and have not been able to receive or send anything for the past couple of days. - Matt is coming over tonight to pick up his new Beta and will hopefully solve the problem.  - I did go the phone into the Shaw help line, but all this did was tell me that “They” were having technical problems. - Then I went on line & eventually had a tech person call me & after going through a bunch of questions, he informed me that he could fix my problem for about $150.00 !!  - It was at this point that I said - I’ll get back to you.

Funnily enough,  early yesterday, I decided to stop off & have my hair cut at the local barber shop - this is always busy with four chairs going steady - Anyway, the gentleman sitting in the next chair to me, began telling his barber, that he was having problems with his computer, and the story pretty much matched mine. - I guess it must be some sort of scam to make money. ( At least everything else is working on the CP)


This is a neat shot from the Spanish World Round last weekend ( Thanks to Trial Mag: UK)  - it shows James Dabill walking up to the podium to receive his 3rd place award - the first time since 2012, and it was nice that he said “This ones for you Mart”  -


And finally today - this pic just showed up as a “memory” on FB  - it shows myself and Babsy by the beach in Cattolica, on the Adriatic coast of Italy, in 1962 - We made the trip on a 600cc Norton Dominator - putting on approx 3,000 miles, through France & Switzerland & to this spot in Italy where we spent our Honeymoon the previous year. ( Not many people did tours like this back then)


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