Tuesday April 19th 2016

Update: Nice pic by Dale Coull of Melissa at the Ioco Trial last Sunday.


This is a pic of the TRS  Team just posted on their arrival in Japan for the upcoming World Round.


Still waiting for the complete results from the Ioco Trial - but it’s worth mentioning that Bob Clark would have had a “Clean” day - if he had not “Nudged” a marker in one section - a really good performance on the TRS. - As mentioned yesterday, Brandon took the Expert Class, and young Koltan Morrison did win the Inter class on his 200 Beta - this was also a very good performance in his debut as an Intermediate.  - Beta also won the Advanced class with Todd Nordin - we will post the full results as soon as we get them.


It seems as though summer has arrived in the Okanagan with temperatures in the high 20’s - managed to catch up on some chores yesterday, but must confess that I got my head down for a “nap” after lunch. ( needed that after the long day Sunday)


This is a nice pic of the Mick Andrews replica OW Mono-shock Trials bike built by Ferry Brouwer - not sure if the original is still in the museum at the Factory in Japan or not. This was extremely “Hi-tech” for the time, and Mick did really well on it.


Here is a letter posted on Facebook - Please read and perhaps understand why we support the WEC/WTC in Canada - Keeping cost of participation low - especially for families, we feel, is key in order to promote the sport. - That is why we operate on a volunteer basis - no overhead to worry about plus any extra money  is given to Charity. ( Since 2009 the WTC have donated thousands of dollars to Cancer and other worthy causes) - DR

Open letter of Antonio Trueba
Like to help the sport
Let’s talk about sports. Specifically of trial and categories of initiation as are junior and juvenile. Are the categories of the future pilots that the day of tomorrow should be the protagonists of the elite championships or GP as they call it now.
It’s normal, that these impatient drivers, who are in the middle of the stage of evolution, try to take advantage of the slightest opportunity to improve their level. And what better than to participate in a test of the world championship to be held in our country to be put to the test and get to know the reality of the trial of high level at which they want to get some day.
As it turns out to make a single piece of evidence, and in Spain, the licence of the rfme costs nothing less than € 494 to this we must add the license of the necessary backpacker, which is 306 €.
Total, that a kid full of illusion, you must pay 800 € before I left home to go to a single race. Is this normal?
Because here the licenses cost twice as much or more than in France, England or Germany? It is still the GP riders, paying for the Federation, if they win a title when they already have contracts worth millions? What’s wrong with young people?
As we’re going to have future champions if we give them the vase of cold water to your illusions, and pockets, with some exorbitant licensing? Eight hundred euros to be able to go to cal rose bush, it’s a toll too high.
Antonio Trueba

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