Friday April 22nd 2016

So looks like Sammy bought himself a bus - he told me about this last Sunday at Ioco, but has a few details to sort out before we will see him driving this into the Trials Campsites. The idea is to use this as the base for his shows that he is planning for 2016.  ( nice air horns)


Meanwhile over in the “Land of the rising sun”   - the practice is now over, and all that remains is for the riders to check out the sections tonight, before the event starts tomorrow. - The designer of the sections is once again Takumi Narita - the brilliant Beta rider from the 80’s who not only did great in World Trials, but put out an all action Trials video, doing amazing stunts on his Beta Techno. - I still have the original VHS version of this, and can make CD copies if anybody would like one.

Here is Takumi posing with his old Team Mate and rival Jordi Tarres - no doubt they got to share some memories from the past.


The results from Round One of the Outlaw Series at Ioco, are now available on line, we will keep these on file with the totals and points. - Interesting to see the scores - some really close at the top end, but one thing I noticed on checking young Koltan Morrison’s  card, was not only did he win the Inter Class first time out, but he did this by 20 points clear of second place - plus he posted no “Fives” - A very good debut for the teenager from Scotch Creek.


Taff called last night, and we had a good chat about all the latest stuff happening in the World - he is still off work, with the shoulder injury, and it appears he will miss the 2016 season all together.


We had a bit of a Thunderstorm in the Valley late yesterday - no damage, but nice to get some rain to cool things down.


Today we are expecting a big shipment of Opti Oil to arrive, so that will take care of “Fun Friday”


With most of the Hype at the Japanese World Trial, centered around Honda and the Twin Ring Facility, which they own - I thought readers would like to see that Yamaha, also have a large museum, with wonderful racing and competition bikes from the glory years.

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