Thursday August 25th 2016

I was chatting on the phone to Beta Importer Steve Howland last night, when it seemed like our house was being targeted by low flying helicopters  - going out on the back porch, we could see a couple scooping water from Swan Lake,  ( which is just a block away from our place,) then flying back over towards Silver Star.  - We haven’t heard where the fire was, but they must have got it out quickly.


Shane took this pic of me at Revy last Sunday - It was very hot, so shorts were the order of the day, but I also have to wear the stretchy Knee braces, plus long socks & long sleeved shirt to protect against the flies ( which should all be gone by the time the event rolls around hopefully)  However a can of bug spray is all part of the equipment as we hike around the quarries setting up sections.

Well, the entrees for our WTC Championship Trial are certainly coming in from all over - we just received one today from Hay River NWT  - that’s a long drive - but not as far as the one Steve Howland will do from Moncton New Brunswick - Maybe we should have a “Longest Travel award”   - we used to have that back in the 70’s.  ( Of course Sam is coming back from China especially for the event so I guess he would get it)

I took this pic of Tino riding my Evo 200 at the ATRA Trial held at Blackfoot Park earlier this year - He lost only a single “Dab” all day.  Sharp eyed viewers, will notice that I have the S3 Titanium header pipe fitted.  The new 2015 200 uses the 250 bottom end, and this pipe adds a bit more “Zip”

I’ve just found out that we have a few more 2016 Beta Evo’s available - so if you know of anybody looking -  get them to call the old guy, it’s the end of the season and we are ready to cut some sharp deals, models include  250 & 300 2T’s plus one 300 factory and 300 4T. - You snooze - you lose.

Love this pic from the Classic Isle of Man practice session, showing Michael Rutter passing the Jimmy Guthrie memorial  overlooking Ramsey and the Irish sea (I think) - on the climb up the Mountain.  ( It’s a very long time since I was over there)


This is a very interesting article on the history of Montesa  - it’s worth reading.…


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