Friday August 26th 2016

Kyle  Puhlmann sent me this neat pic of his young son Colton getting some air time on the little Outlaw Beta Electric bike - could this be the next Cody Webb ??


It seems the forest fire the other night  was up on the ridge above our place, and not that far away - it’s just as well they were able to knock it down quickly as there are lots of homes up in that area.


Yesterday I zipped down to Kelowna to pick up the Revy Trial programs from our friends at CS Printers - must say they look good, and I’m sure the spectators will appreciate them.  If you would like one as a souvenir, contact me.


The latest edition of Classic Trial Mag: UK will be available soon and will feature an article on the Yamaha Majesty  - Can anyone tell me how the name Majesty came about, and what it stands for?


Today is Sean Connery’s birthday, and while I’m not sure how old he is, he is one of my favorite actors, especially as 007 James Bond.  - Looking at some of the re-runs of these movies, they may seem a bit “Corny” compared to the modern day feature films  - but there is no denying they were hugely successful at the box office.  - So here’s to ya Laddie !! Have a good one.


And as we are heading into the last weekend of August - Lets hope all the kids had a great summer - The Salvation Army do a wonderful job of helping families all year round.

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