New Years Day 2017

A late start to both the day and the year - which I’m sure people will understand !!! - Although once again, I failed to make it to the magic 12 O Clock bonanza. I guess the surprising thing, is the fact that I made it through to 2017 !!

Jordi sent this - ( Nice when the owner of the Factory posts stuff)

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It was another busy day yesterday - counting inventory for year end - but glad I got this done -( It only takes a couple of days for my small business) I did have my son doing the Opti count - so that helped. - later I took a break  & watched a bit of the Canada v USA hockey game - but that didn’t end well for our team.

A video showed up today on FB from three years ago on this day - it has me playing in the snow up on Bear Ridge, with the new Evo 200 - amazing bike then, and the newer models have improved even more.  - This isn’t going to happen today, but I do plan on getting out on the latest Italian offering as soon as it warms up a bit.


We hope all our readers had an enjoyable  Holiday, lets also hope that 2017, will bring everybody fun and happiness out on the loop - Trev Deely  used to say “I don’t care what you ride - as long as you ride” - a very good way I think to start the year - of course if you happen to like either a red or yellow bike from Outlaw - that’s even better !!!


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