Tuesday January 17th 2017

So what do you do on a cold winter night, when cabin fever is bad, plus it’s what they call “Blue Monday” - the most depressing day of the year? - Well you get together with a couple of buddies and go play in the snow.  Check out this great pic of Blake Plysiuk on his Gasser - what a fantastic shot.

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I recall that we used to do a  lot of snow riding in Alberta during the 70’s  - I don’t think we ever went out at night ( except by accident) but we had a ton of fun  - These were very happy times, working for Yamaha, and being involved with all sorts of different projects. - I think my best “Snow bike” was a 1978 TT 500 - I replaced a lot of stock parts with lightweight aftermarket stuff, drilled a million holes in everything, and studded it up. - It was the king of the hill in the snow out in the Waiperous Creek area, North of Cochrane - but woe betide anybody getting it stuck, as you needed lots of big buddies to pull you out.

- In those days, we rode on the snowmobile trails ( Until those guys got upset and had us booted out)  - I remember one time Murray Nutt and somebody else ( not sure if it was John Arcand) - decided to drop down the backside of one of the steep “Cut-lines”  - I recall some of us saying ” Don’t think you should go down there”  - and we were right - the lads had to basically dismantle the bikes and carry them back up the hill piece by piece. -  Fun times and great memories

Another time, I was out in the same area with a buddy on Trials bikes - I was on the new 1974 TY 250 - the snow was deep, and we decided to ride down the river bed, the plan being to make a long loop back to the forestry road - Of course we hadn’t taken into account,  the fact that deep snow requires big throttle, and although we made it out of the river bed, by that time we were out of gas and it was getting late !! - decision time, with my buddy saying we should build a fire & wait to be rescued !!  - The hell with that I said, and we hiked out to the van -  ( about 10 km) - not easy in knee deep snow. -  We recovered the bikes  next day - another time when having a camera would have been awesome.  ( I was fairly fit in those days)

Here’s another old photo from around 2002 - it was taken at an area between Vernon and Kelowna that we used to ride, during winter months. ( The new Highway now goes right through this spot)

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I see a couple of the guys are holding trophies - so we must have had an event that day - top row - Paul Throssell, Luke Towers, Banjo Bobby & Joe - bottom row ( and the only guys still riding)  Steve Richardson, Taff Parfitt, and Outlaw Dave.


This is an interesting photo of Heath Brindley testing a “New” Greeves trials bike, a few years ago. - As many people will recall the Greeves brand had fantastic success in the 1950-60 era, in both Scrambling (MX) and Trials, before going broke. - The model in the pic was supposed to be a new British Challenge to the dominant Spanish and Italian Trials bikes, but although the owner had plenty of money, the bike lacked development,  and was released too soon, so like many others, it disappeared.

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Finally a reminder that tonight is the first Vernon club meeting of the year,  at Toros Pub - 7pm - everybody welcome.


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