Wednesday January 18th 2017

I guess we should all be celebrating in the Valley today, as the temperature will rise to above zero, for the first time this year !!! - Not that +4 is exactly life in the banana belt, the thought of getting out riding again has everybody “Pumped”

Last night I attended the VOMC ( Vernon Off Road Motorcycle Club) meeting, and while I’m strictly the “New Boy” in this organization, I find everybody very friendly with the same desire as any other Dirt-biker - and that is, lets keep the trails open for ourselves and future generations.  - One thing that is common to this club, and all the other clubs that I’ve been associated with, is this. - It tends to be the same few people doing all the work.  However, unlike many other clubs, the VOMC have a plan for the future, I commend them for this, and look forward to working with them, as the “Trials guy”.


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I saw this old advertisement, which reminded me just how far Trials Tire technology has come in the past 20 odd years. - The Pirelli Tires that came stock on the old Montesa models, certainly left something to be desired, and were about on a par with the 4 ply Dunlops fitted to the Sherpa T -  Then Michelin came out with the X11, and suddenly riders were getting grip, where they had never had before -  fast forward again, and we now have the Tubeless versions of these, plus the latest offering of the X lite - perhaps the ultimate on the market at present, although we have heard good reports on the new Dunlop 803.

When new people decide to try Motorcycle Trials, having knowledge on Tire Pressures and types of product, is essential, with most being amazed when we tell them that we sometimes drop the rear to as low as 2-3 lbs.   - There is nothing better than having a sharp edge on the tires - both back and front, and sometimes a rider will  take the rear tire off and reverse it, to make it last a bit longer. - Over the years, Michelin Tire prices have rocketed, so at Outlaw Trialsport, we now stock the new Dunlop as an alternative.

When it comes to fitting tubeless Trials tires, experience is beneficial, and having one of the rubber rings that we import, makes life a lot easier - we also stock the handy repair kits complete with CO2 cartridges, for “On the trail” fixes, and having a low pressure tire gauge is a “Must”.

If you need any more convincing about how things have changed regarding Trials tires - check out this old video clip>

Rock, Moor & River Motorcycle Sports In Yorkshire From The 1950’s


This neat pic of Japanese rider Kio Hattori shows the huge crowd at a World Trial , back when the sections were a bit more normal, and not requiring “Circus like” skills.  - True Trials fans will stand out in all weathers to see either local or factory riders tackle difficult terrain. - The Scottish Six Day Trial, is a perfect example of this, where the natural creek sections provide excellent viewing - but in Scotland, you need to take both warm and wet weather gear - in fact you might need both on the same day.

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There is nothing like a good muddy trial to sort out who has good throttle control - this is former World Champ Yrjo Vesterinen on the Factory Bultaco Sherpa T. - The Sherpa had lots of torque, similar to the modern day Beta, making it ideal in these conditions.

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Here’s another old video >>

Motorcyclepedia Museum


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