Thursday January 19th 2017

The warmer temperatures yesterday, also brought a few cm of snow - but nothing to worry about, and things are finally looking up. - Unless you happen to be traveling over Mountain Passes - It’s the Vancouver Motorcycle show this weekend, but I haven’t heard of anybody going from the Valley.

Taff called last night & we had a good chat, about the upcoming year, including the seemingly lack of interest in the Edmonton show - In fact we have not seen any pics posted or news on either of the Alberta events.


Here’s an interesting old pic, but does anybody know who it is? and what the bike is? - and the year? - We will post the answer tomorrow.

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Check out this great video from a few years ago - Jordi on the Beta TR34, Michaud on Fantic, Lejeune on the Factory Honda - great sections as well, before World Trials became a hopping contest.



Looking ahead to the World Trials scene - will we see any new faces in the results this year?  It goes without saying that both Bou and Raga will be up there, but the 3rd  rider on the podium is harder to predict. - In UK trials, I think we can expect to see James Dabill still the man to beat - but I’m expecting to see young Toby Martyn making an impact this year - he has just signed with Dougie Lampkin to ride the Vertigo, and early practice videos are impressive.  - Jack Peace is already the World Junior Champion, so big things are expected from him - but the pressure of competing at the top level are immense, and not all are capable of coping with this.


On the local front, we haven’t heard from Sam for a long time, so we don’t know what his plans are for the upcoming season - same thing with Tino, who now has his Helicopter license, so work may interfere with his schedule. - We still expect to see Brandon out on a regular basis, but not sure if Sean Bird will  be returning from China anytime soon, along with Alex Walton and Tanner Nordin.

Young Kolten Morrison will be moving up to the Advanced class this year, so that will be interesting, and hopefully, we will see some new faces out there, giving the sport a go.

Check out the Calendar dates on Trials Canada  and plan your season - it’s going to be lots of fun.

Please note that the “Fun” days listed are simply that - non-sanctioned days when everybody can come out for a laugh and maybe try either the new Beta and TRS models.  - call or email me prior to the dates to see if we are still on. - Don’t forget that all bikes need to be registered for riding on crown land - best place to do this is Johnston & Meier Insurance - they know what they are doing.

The WTC has announced the proposed dates for events in the BC region for 2017. Two Western National dates are included, along with the BC dates for the Outlaw Series.


February 26th  - Fun Ride at Bear Ridge
 March  26th    - Fun Ride at Summerland
 April 2nd      - Fun Ride at Vernon (By Invitation only)
 April 23rd     - Team Squid-Outlaw Round 1, at Ioco, BC
 May 20/21      - Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek
 August 13th    - WTC National #1 at Revelstoke, BC 
September 23rd - WTC National #2 at Silver Star Mountain. Vernon, BC.
 October 15th   - Brown Memorial Trial                     


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