Friday January 20th 2017

Although this day will most likely be remembered by many as “Trump Day” - to me it’s just a normal Friday - looking forward to a warmer weekend, with time to work on the bikes..

I saw this neat pic today, showing an Italian youngster on his Beta E20 - this is the competition model, with all the Bells & whistles ( but it also comes with a hefty price tag)  - We don’t have this model in stock - just the smaller E16 standard, but these are also very “trick” little bikes, with a reasonable price tag.

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Nobody came up with the correct answer to the quiz yesterday - the pic shows Mick Andrews, on an early 1966 Bultaco Sherpa T, complete with radial finned head ( the bike not Mick)  - A Calgary rider by the name of Al Lindquist used to ride one of these in our events back in the day.

I see that the new “Rust” magazine has hit the web today - although not Trials - It does have one pic on the back cover of  Juan Knight’s ( David’s elder brother) old Ossa Plonker. Juan still rides this in vintage Trials - I saw this model for the first time, when Kelvin Marshal and Dave Wildman, showed up at our  National Blackfoot Trial in 1969 ( The event was won by Murray Nutt on a Montesa)

The Spanish bikes used a lot of fiberglass in those days - which looked good in the showroom, but broke easily. - Mick Andrews soon developed the very successful  MAR model, on which he won the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1972 ( I was there to watch)

The Ossa had a very upright steering head, similar to the modern bikes of today, while the Bultaco had the bars farther back ( which was how Sammy Miller liked them)


Checking my emails this morning - I was surprised to see one from Pete Matheson from Grand Forks -he was asking about a photo posted on the blog a year ago. - Pete used to ride a lot of Trials at the coast, and did in fact ( so I’ve been told) have his own sections set up in his back yard. - Pete also rode the 1975 World Round which I was involved with in Calgary.


Jordi has signed another young “Up & Comer” - TRS bikes are in huge demand Worldwide.

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Not Trials - But I love Italian bikes, and with Lorenzo on Ducati this year  Moto GP should prove interesting. - Valentino failed to tame the red rocket, maybe Jorge will have better luck. - The fact that Australian Casey Stoner did so well on the Ducati is even more credit to him as a rider.

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