Sunday January 22nd 2017

I saw this photograph posted today, which shows Italy taken from Space, an interesting shot ( although one person responded that it was fake) - As recent events have proven, this land is very volcanic, with earth-quakes not uncommon.  - To the right is the Adriatic sea, a wonderful area for people going on vacation, and I often think of the last trip my wife and myself made to Cattolica, near Rimini, riding a 600cc Norton Dominator, in 1963, traveling through France and over the Swiss Alps, to camp on the white sandy beach overlooking the Adriatic - it was late in the season, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.
This is a land full of racing Heritage, with the Beta factory in the North, plus Ducati, Ferrari and other well known manufacturers.  It is a land full of passion for the sport, as well as people who love Opera.

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Today could be the first ride of 2017 - if it doesn’t snow !! - the temperature has been above zero for the past few days, so Shane and myself, will be checking out our favorite spot near Kelowna - I will take the camera along and post some pics later - I will be taking out the new Beta Evo 200, as well as the TRS 250, so we will see how they stack up riding in the snow. ( We already know the Beta is fantastic in these conditions - easily pulling 4th gear gear)  - Shane will bring his TRS 300, so it should be fun, but after almost two months of very little exercise, I’m sure we will feel some aches and pains later tonight.

This weekend has been the Super Enduro of Alles in France, with the three part race, bringing out all the usual Hot shoes - Graeme Jarvis , Alfredo Gomez, Jonny Walker, and newcomer Billy Bolt, all seem to be well up there to take the overall. - We will post more on this later.


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The Second Super Cross race of 2017,  went last night - we will check out who did what via Cycle News.

2017 Anaheim 2 Supercross Results

2017 Anaheim 2 Supercross ResultsRyan Dungey got the win and, with it, the points lead. Photography by Steve CoxThis video shows Ken Roczen crashing while chasing Ryan Dungey in the Main.



Like Italy, Spain is full of passionate people who  love Motorcycles - but for them it’s mostly Trials - for years, tiny factories have built small numbers of machines for the World Market, with Bultaco being the first to take over most of the sales, back in 1965 when Sammy Miller joined  the company. - The latest Factory to challenge for a piece of the small Trials Industry, is TRS - the brain child of 7 time World Champion Jordi Tarres. - Here is a neat video from last year, showing why these bikes are being bought up like “Hot-cakes” -  check it out. >  TRS – Craftsmen of Dreams


Here is another good video from 1987, showing the top riders competing in the US - including the only American to ever win the World title - Bernie Schreiber - mounted on a TY 350 at this point as his career was winding down.

1987 storia USA GP


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