Monday January 23rd 2017

Well yes, it’s still January, although on the video I posted on face-book late yesterday from our ride at Bear Ridge, I said it was February !! - Old age plays hell with your memory !!

Anyway, Shane and myself did get out for the first time this year, and had a blast - although I got played out pretty quickly having had no exercise & too many calories over the holiday.

I took the new 2017 Beta Evo 200 for it’s debut - and as expected it worked fantastic, except of course brand new tires are very firm, even at extremely low pressure.  - Shane was on his TRS 300, and soon found out that this bike is more than equal to the Beta,  getting traction in the snow - which was, by the way, quite slushy with the +4 temperature. ( very easy to lose the front end)

I took quite a few pics and video, with this smile on Shane’s face saying it all. - Goodbye cabin fever !!

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Here is a video clip that Shane took of me - 4th gear on the 200 was a must to go anywhere in the loose slushy snow.
Now Playing David H Rhodes What a 79 year old guy does on an Okanagan Sunday in February - 4th gear on the 2017 Beta Evo 200.- Better than watching the Football game !! “I don’t want a pickle - I just wanna ride my Moto-sickle” 530 Views 0:41

And here is Shane in the same spot - it was the first time he had ever ridden a bike in the snow.

We found a few brown spots in the parking area, and made up some tight practice sections - there is a slippery tree root on this one, before Shane has to wick it up the hill, then down into snow on an adverse camber followed by a very tricky exit - all very good stuff.

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Later on Sunday night, Lee Usher stopped by, to pick up the new 2016 Beta Factory 300  - we had a great chat, about some of his rides with his two youngsters, Oscar and Nina  - what a great family they are, with Momma bear also helping out at our Trials over the years.

Lee has his 2011 Beta Evo 290 up for sale now - great bike for somebody at $5700.

How about this great photo of Jordi, back in his prime on the Beta !!

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