Wednesday January 25th 2017

As mentioned previously, we did not attend any of the 2017 Motorcycle shows, but this is a nice pic from 2014, when Mountain MC were still the Beta Importer. - It shows our very good buddy Peter Brown chatting to Ron Walsh. - Pete and myself used to spend the day at the Vancouver show, and enjoyed meeting old friends from the past.

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We heard from Jimmy Corkle yesterday, he said there were 13 snowmobile riders, given $300 tickets last weekend in his area near Elko. BC - It seems they have 20 Conservation Officers doing checks for the Off Highway Decals in that region - so be warned - they are going to be out everywhere this year, a big concern for everybody who doesn’t have the sticker on their bike.


Also chatted to Sam King on Tuesday - he brought me up to date on what he’s been up to - seems he had a bunch of buddies over from Oz, and they toured around BC in his bus ( No doubt creating havoc) He mentioned that Tim Coleman might be over this year - possibly be at the Silver  Star event in September.

If the Alberta Government have their way, scenes like this in the Pincher Creek area, will only be captured by hikers, as they plan to stop all Off Road activity in this region. - Check out the info: being posted on Face-book. Local enthusiasts from Lethbridge  have got a petition going.

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Here is my Retro: pic of the day  - Former World MX Champ Jeff Smith. - Jeff moved to Canada to work for Can Am in the 70’s, and raced at the 76 Moose Mountain in Alberta. He now resides in the USA.

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TRS in the News with Trial Mag UK >

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