Sunday March 26th 2017

As Toni Bou heads for his 11th indoor Trials Championship, the story this season, has really been ” Can anybody beat him?”  -The only rider even close, has been Adam Raga - Bou riding the million dollar Honda, backed by the largest Motorcycle company in the World - Raga  riding for a small Spanish factory in it’s second year of production. - Last night, Raga came within one point of winning in Marseille, and was in fact leading after the qualifiers. - ( Raga did beat Bou in 2016 at the Sheffield Indoor)

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Big smiles from the winner - a bit of a ” jeez what do I have to do to beat this guy ” from Adam, while third man on the podium Cabestany, doesn’t look happy - ( The girls do)

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Just as I thought - this was posted today on FB - In spite of holding public meetings, which were attended by large groups of Off Road clubs, including one yesterday in Edmonton - the sneaky Politicians in Alberta, had already made up their mind regarding the Castle area in the Southern part of the Province ( Just as they did in the 70’s with Peter Lougheed’s Government)   Be aware that this can also happen in BC so be very careful who you vote for in the upcoming election.

at Kinahan to say NO to the RV BAN in Castle mountain.
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So last nite I talked to 3 guys that were kicked out of the castle for random camping. The forestry officer told them that random camping is not allowed in a provincial park. There is no camp sites open in the castle right now so they had no choice but to leave the area all together they were told that the castle was declared a park on January 19 and there was nothing they could do about it. So spring is almost here and we are all screwed.========================================>Steve Holcombe ( Beta) came very close to winning the first Enduro in Europe, which was held in snowy conditions in Finland - On the first day all the top six spots were filled by home country riders - but the UK rider managed a superb 2nd place at the end. ( not sure who won)

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Sebastian Vettel ( Ferrari) wins Round one in the Australian Formula One - 2nd was Hamilton, 3rd Bottas - There were 7 retirements including the Canadian. Lance Stoll.

Now it’s time to load up ready to head to Bear Ridge for some fun of our own & the sun is shining !!!

more later!!


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