Tuesday March 28th 2017

Here is a pic I took of my 2017 Beta Evo 200 demo and as you can see we have “blinged” it up a bit.  - We have been riding one of these models since they came out in 2009, I think it would be fair to say, we know  them very well.  While most Trials riders opt for it’s larger brothers, the 200 ( inspired by John Lampkin) is perhaps the best bike for most  riders, and has lots of power.  - It can do amazing things in the hands of an Expert, but is gentle enough for beginners as it comes out of the box. - ( We pull 4th gear a “LOT” on this bike.) -  If you are interested in any of the Beta line up - feel free to call us ( We don’t care what part of the Country you live in, we are always happy to pass on our secrets - and we ship Trials accessories all across Canada)

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Check out this young Beta rider - they start them young in Europe.



A guy from Ontario posted on FB regarding the 1993 Yamaha TYZ - seems he has two of these, and was surprised when I informed him that very few were imported into Canada  ( Walt bought 5) - Having worked for Yamaha for so many years, and being so involved with the competition side, plus being in Scotland when the Prototype was ridden by the Japanese test rider. - I was really disappointed  when I opened the crate in 1993, to find none of the changes suggested by Mick Andrews, had been incorporated ( Walt & myself discussed this with Mick in Scotland)

Unfortunately it got worse as the bike was not only very big and bulky, but the motor kept stalling - I did not have a great first day out.  - A late night phone call to Mick in the UK, asking why the mods had not been made, resulted in him telling me that although he was in Japan in August 1992 - the factory told him “No time to change” - he added that “Everybody hates them over here (UK). - Mick did help me with a couple of mods that at kept the engine from stalling, but after 3 months of struggling with the bike, I  got  a phone call from Don Clark offering me the Gas Gas/ Beta franchise. - The rest as everybody knows is history.

The moral of the story is that ALL the factories make mistakes sometimes  and bring out a “Dud”

With the Scottish only 4 weeks down the road - we hope the weather is better than this shot I took in 1992. !!

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