Friday August 4th 2017

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The father of our new young lady trials recruit, in the Valley , Dominique Doyan -(Yvan)  sent me me this poster - and an invite to attend - this follows one from last year by Mick - and I really would love to go - but I’m sorry to say that it’s just too expensive for an old guy like me, plus so much other stuff happening at this time.

It would be great to have Mick out here in the West again - but it would take some money as Mick and Jill,  only go “First Class” - Something for clubs and Trials enthusiasts to think about as Mick is certainly a legend in the sport of Trials.   ( I last saw Mick at the Scottish in 1992) And like us all he is getting on in age.- although it seems still enjoying life.

With the Fires raging everywhere, it only makes sense for Off road enthusiasts to stay out of the woods - but also I think Mountain bikers  - ( After all - do they smoke? - could a metal part clipping a rock give a spark?)   - Hikers - you name it,( do they really think that burying that cigarette in the ground is OK?)    should all stay out until this crisis is over. ( IMHO)


We are now into August and while September events are a bit away - A reminder that the Silver Star Mountain “Bonanza” will take place on the weekend of September 23rd. - As most Trials folk know, we were hoping to host a round of our WTC National Trials series at this event, but after thinking about it ( For about six months) I had to cancel the idea. -

To organize any event, whether it be a tea party , a Moto X - an Enduro or a Trial - requires a ton of planning, in order for everything to work. - Be assured, we intend to work with Silver Star to host something in the future.


The big question at the moment - is of course about the WTC National at Revy - and while I cannot confirm this for sure - it would appear that the last weekend of September is the most viable. - Please click on here for updates.


Off-road vehicles restricted in backcountry

KAMLOOPS - Effective at noon (Pacific time) on Friday, Aug. 4, 2017, the operation of any off-road vehicle for recreational purposes on Crown land will be prohibited throughout the Cariboo Fire Centre, Kamloops Fire Centre and Southeast Fire Centre. In addition, all on-highway vehicles must remain on defined road surfaces.

This step is being taken to help prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public safety. The operation of any off-road vehicles in these regions during the current wildfire situation creates a potential wildfire risk. While jeeps, trucks and other on-highway vehicles are permitted on designated roads, they are not allowed off-road.

The prohibition of off-road vehicles and on-highway vehicles does not apply to private lands or national parks. It also does not apply to emergency responders or to agriculture or commercial/ industrial users who operate vehicles for farming, emergency response or business purposes.

A map of the affected areas is available online at:

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