Saturday August 5th 2017

As most people will now know, all the Crown Land in South Eastern BC is now closed to Off Road vehicles until further notice - ( posted on Face book) - I have to say the timing of this at 4pm on the Friday afternoon before the long weekend, appears to be poor, as many people will already be on route to camp out for the weekend - especially as it’s the same story in Southern Alberta. However - with the forest in a tinder dry condition we have not been out now for the past few weeks - The message is clear Stay Out of the Forest or have no place to ride.
The CPTA also posted this notice late Friday.

Canada Pacific Trials Association

Due to the Extreme Fire Danger Rating, Ioco is closed to riding until further notice. Only riders registered for the James Dabill/Jack Price Trials School on August 5/6 will be permitted to ride
How this will effect the Ladies weekend in Revy, is not known, but it’s certainly a very scary situation. - even looking ahead to the September long weekend it’s hard to say how things will be. - Time to sing “Let it Rain- Let it Rain” ( Please)I saw on the weather channel on Friday, a report that back in 1936,-  1100 people died due to the extreme heat in Ontario, so it’s not unheard of. ( Although the Enviro/ Global warming folk will all be waving fingers)
There is no question that the World is changing, but it’s been changing for a million years - However with the current conditions, I do foresee tighter controls of Crown land with regard to the use of Off Road bikes etc -
Just look at the on going battle in Alberta, where corrupt Politicians are trying to ban all off road activity in a swath of land reaching from the US up to the Yukon. - - They talk about all the Trump/Russia stuff - some US based environmental tree huggers are pumping money into Canada to make it look as if “Crown Land should be saved ” But I say, for what? - We already have hundreds of acres of National Parks for the  Hikers and Tourists to visit.  -What about the economy? What about the average family, who just want to go out for a weekend in the Forestry - camp with the kids etc.

Back in the 70’s The Peter Lougheed Government instigated the ” Eastern Slopes Policy”  -That was the first nail in the coffin for Off road riders -  Now I realize that I’ve covered this in earlier blogs, but people tend to have short memories - to be candid, the Political climate stinks in Canada for a number of reasons - We need to get big money Business people involved, with the genuine wish to look out for the Off Road family -
Back in my Yamaha days, I suggested to the Japanese that they should add a dollar to every off road bike sold in Canada, and keep the money in a fund to fight for land use - unfortunately they don’t like litigation - so they never did anything about it -  but where the hell are they going to sell all their side by sides and off road bikes if there is no place to ride?
In my opinion, until all the Manufacturers, Dealers and Clubs, form an alliance to lobby the Political Landscape,  with numbers and MONEY - then the whole Off road scene in this Country is screwed. - We do have the MICC which the WEC and WTC are affiliated to. - Be sure to check this out !!
Which reminds me of how visionary some of the old timers were, when they purchased the VMC property on Vancouver Island. - Even with so much land in Canada - I feel much of the future will be on Private property - similar to the UK - with permission granted for events that are run by bona fide  clubs or promoters.

For most clubs, to buy property is out of the question, as most have little money in the bank, except for buying supplies - It will be interesting to see how it all pans out down the road ( Off road).

Anyway - That’s my current take on things.



Here is a nice pic from Europe, showing what long distance Trials are all about - and remember Trials tires leave a very small footprint.

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