Wednesday January 3rd 2018

Looking ahead to the year 2018, while also remembering things from the past, I thought this quote by Winston Churchill is so apt, for not only competition riders, but for everyone, especially for people struggling with the difficult times we live in. - “Never give up”

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Yesterday I made a trip to Kelowna to the Truck depot to pick up a skid of Opti snowmobile oil - Glad to say the hiway was dry & bare except for the odd icy spot, but I do have to wonder about at least one truck driver who passed me and a couple of cars, on a downhill when I was doing 100k - he was driving a Forest Products semi - loaded, and while I know they all have a hard time keeping on schedule, all it would take is one small  slip and we would have had a very bad pile up. - Naturally everybody passed him again on the next climb over the mountain.


As we head into the first weekend of the New Year - the big question for Trials riders, interested in the Sheffield Indoor event is, “Will Albert Cabestany be competing?” - Although this is not a “World X Trial” - for many it is one of the best Indoor Trials, which will this year be called the Martin Lampkin Memorial, as it was Mart and Neil Crosswaite, who started this, many years ago.  - It would appear that as often happens, money and Politics are involved, between the organizers and the FIM.  - I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I just saw this posted regarding the X Trial Series which officially begins in February ( Not sure where it comes from)

Big news: the drivers will be judged by three judges. In turn, each will have to overcome the hyper-chaotic obstacles of each zone - with an allotted time of one minute - by choosing his ideal trajectory and by linking the most beautiful passage possible to score the maximum points.” X-TRIAL BORDEAUX ON FEBRUARY 9, 2018 :”
” an unprecedented exhibition event: the “X-TRIAL Bordeaux ”
” For this second meeting at the Parc des Expositions, the co-organizers have put all the gum. The classic rules of indoor meetings give way to a completely new concept that rewards audacity, risk-taking and style rather than sanctioning the fault. The concept of the zone is reworked to create a vast space of elaborate and entangled modules where everyone is invited to go beyond their limits to perform the most incredible demonstrations. More difficulties, more freedom, more suspense … to stick to the XXL format of this new event, a new label has been created: the “X-Trial Bordeaux International Tour”.

Here is a pic from a Sheffield Trial, showing the various obstacles - we will  follow what transpires through the  camera lens of our buddy Heath Brindley, who will be there this weekend shooting pics for Trial Mag UK.

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In Other news >>>>>>>>

Watch Live - Jan 3.2018 - 7PM - MST UTC−6:00…


The Dakar Rally starts this week - lots of changes with this event as well regarding the various Teams - Plus The Bike Shows begin - Toronto will have a Trials Booth supported by the ATA - not sure if there is any Trials show.

Both Edmonton and Calgary shows are also happening in the next couple of weeks, but sorry to say we will not be at either - the reason is two fold - the high cost of putting in a booth plus driving at this time of the year can be a nightmare


More News as it happens.

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