Saturday January 6th 2018

IT’S A GOLD !!  - What a Hockey Game !!

Yes the Canadians won last night, and rightfully so, but if ever there was a game when both teams should have finished with Gold medals, then this was it. If you didn’t see it, you missed a good one.  Well done Team Canada.

The Dakar Rally starts today in South America and although there is not a lot of coverage these days - a lot of the Factories dump a ton of money into this event. Here is a great shot of Super Woman Laia Sanz from Spain - The Former Multi time Ladies Trials Champion.

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Mick Andrews usually visits Eastern Canada every year to attend the Bonanza Vintage Event in Quebec, but back in the old days he traveled across Canada putting on Trials schools for Yamaha -  in 1974 I set one up at Blackfoot Park with a lot of “Man made Rock sections” to add some variety - We had a good crowd out on the day.

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Ted Pepperdine sent me this which is a neat reminder of some of the great bikes from the past.  - I replied to his email, saying how I wished that I had some pics of two of the best that I built back in the day - a very special TT 500 and later a YZ 125 with a IT 175 engine..  Unlike today, when everybody is taking pics with their phone, my photography was usually just at weekends, when I wasn’t either riding a Trial or racing Cross Country events.

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Check out this video from 1982 >>>>>  video


I had a call from one of my customers yesterday, asking about preparing the bike for winter storage - to which I replied that all I do is spray the bike all over (except the brake rotors) with WD 40. - it’s cheap.  -

Until a few years ago Optimol made a great product for this purpose, but with the high production cost and low sales volume, it was dropped.
If Opti has been used as a 2 stoke mix - there is no need to drain the carb, as it has a built in fuel stabilizer . - I do try to elevate the bike on a center stand to take weight off the suspension. plus change the tranny oil.


We will  post the results from Sheffield as soon as they are available.


Check out this video on Kenny Roberts and the Yamaha TZ 500 with Power valves.

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