Thursday January 11th 2018

We are now approaching the middle of January, and that, for most folk, who are not “Winter” lovers, is a reason to “Perk up” a bit - In the snow-belt, cabin fever for Trials riders has been a factor now for at least a month, and the very cold temperatures, have kept a lot of people indoors.

Of course this is the reason the Promoters of the Motorcycle Shows, choose this month to try and encourage enthusiasts to visit the various  locations across the country, to get rid of the “Blues” and maybe buy a new bike.

The Edmonton Show is on this weekend, but attending this one will be a challenge for many as the temperature is supposed to dip down into the minus 20’s.
Some lucky guys & gals, head South at this time of the year, and a group from our area, have in fact made a 42 hour drive to Texas, to compete in the “Rev Limiter” enduro - quite the undertaking. - Local VOR club member Dave Chambers was the brains behind it, and with co-driver Chris Hrabb from Revy, towed a large trailer full of bikes to the Southern venue, where top riders like Cody Webb will also be racing this weekend - we are looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing the stories when they get back.


Here is a great shot posted by Jamie McGregor from Ontario, showing how a bunch of the lads transported their bikes back in the day, reminds me of when I sold a Sherco to a guy from Saskatchewan - he picked it up from me at the Calgary show, and him and his buddies strapped it onto the roof of an old Caddy - It was very cold and unfortunately I didn’t get a pic. ( It was also dark in the parking lot) - That was when I used to help out providing bikes to the ATRA for their booth at the shows.


More Beta News - Jonathan Richardson has joined  Team Bosi  to contest the Enduro series - Another very successful Trials rider, “Jonno” won the Scott Trial back in 2011 and has been a regular at both British Trials and enduro races.

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And how about this for a stunning photo ? - Taken by Moto-Journal  of France in 1983, while doing a test on the Beta, Fantic and Montesa Trials bikes. ( That would make an interesting read now)
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