Wednesday January 31 2018

As many of our regular readers will have noticed, we have been having some technical issues for the past couple of days - seems that scammers are hitting the popular web sites, and preventing access. - Anyway, I see we are up today, so here is the latest news.


This photo popped up a couple of days ago, of me at Bear Ridge in 2014 at this time - no snow to be seen anywhere - what a difference in 2018 - likely a couple of feet of the white stuff at this spot.

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Here are the results of the Vic Brittain National Trial from last weekend in Shropshire UK. Hugo Jervis who finished 5th was also on a TRS for the first time.
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The World Indoor Circus moves to Barcelona in Spain this weekend, for the final X Trial of the season - There have been a LOT of comments posted after the fiasco in Strasbourg and the dumb points system they are using - all I hope is that nobody gets hurt doing these stunts. ( I can’t believe that somebody came up with this idea)

We have been chatting to a few people lately, about the need to have an “Introduction to Trials” day at some point, similar to what they do at Ioco.  - I think this is a very good idea, in order to get new riders out for a fun day, to explain what the sport is all about, without the added pressure of actual competition. - It really is amazing that a lot of people buy Trials bikes without knowing what the real sport is all about. ( No it’s not all about leaping from rock to rock)  more on this later.


We just got word that our first 2018 Beta Evo factory is on route from Italy, and should arrive in a few weeks. likely around the same time that the TRS Raga beauties get here. - Hopefully some of the snow will have melted by then .


The latest issue of Trial Mag: UK came in the mail yesterday - what a great magazine this is - the content is full of interesting articles with superb photographs. - I liked the interview with James Dabill, with a review of his career for the past few years  - He credits Team Bosi with really getting him on the right track, and while he has ridden a bunch of different bikes, a lot has been with Beta, including his wins at both the 100th year SSDT and the Scott Trial in the same year. -He says signing with Beta again is like “Coming home”  - James is still  only one of two riders to win the Scottish on both a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke ( The other was Sammy Miller)
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Check out this old video of what Trials used to be like ( and are still the same in lots of places in the UK)  I have the original video in VHS format.×4xXLeMMCtVpj9xn85aSSiqvci920O9tPh0y4Cy9LHgijVSok5jQ786Rofqu0BEPXFuolst6dSEwxKcglARLiLU9XNJ3HDI0Jtu1olqEg9aQGLQeaFBjYkfXh1Md15o2grdRxLpy3gdrbyLmivk3ZOFBBVb-vdgnY8k6k7yvDP3xinfbElkrgO1tabuHo6rfxr3i1_4I6tD_gaKReUTPHeV-K6QND6yWpIxiv6INvudqJ1n9GKOt-LCjLcnsK_kk1t8NaWuLZ5


Helmut Clasen just posted this pic of a delivery he just got - We sell a ton of the Opti Pouches to the Trials market, as they are so easy to mix in small batches. ( All new bike customers get a free box )

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The FIM World Trial GP2 class for 2018, has already got 28 riders signed up ( this is what could be called the support class) plus of course for 2018 the 125cc class gets official status. - What kind of surprises me is where do these guys get the money from? and how many will actually compete in the events that are in distant locations ( like Japan etc).

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This is a pic of Bob McGregor, at the 1939 Scottish Six Days Trial which he won - He is the only Scotsman to ever win the event. ( He won twice) pic courtesy Trial Guru.

Bob MacGregor 1939

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