Thursday February 1st 2018

Well as most of us shiver and curse the winter snow - some jump in their truck and get the hell out of it - fresh from his Super long drive from Texas, Chris Hrabb has decided to head to the coast with his TRS and his Husky.

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If there is one thing I’ve noticed about the Social Media - there are quite a lot of people who post crap and vulgar language ( even if they can’t spell ) on a regular basis, Also, a ton of Political garbage being posted.

It could be said that the whole World has gone mad - The latest thing is a call to ban the “Umbrella girls” from the grid at Formula One and Moto GP races.

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Still on this topic - the posts after the Indoor X Trial at Strasboug France, have brought about a page full of comments, on the rules - all negative, and some quite nasty. ( A lot in Spanish)

The old saying is that “February brings the rain, thaws the frozen lakes again” - and for most of us, this can’t come quick enough, Shane stopped by last night and we chatted about the sport both in our small pond, and also on the big screen. - It should be an interesting year.


Here is a pic of a very rare machine from the past - It’s a “Special” built and ridden by UK rider Peter Gaunt, who was very successful back in the day. - It is powered by a 89cc Jawa engine, and while some might laugh at the small displacement bikes, it is a well known fact that for many riders, smaller is better.  Gaunt won “The Irish Experts” first time out on this bike, and became well known for his lightweight “Specials”.

Note: At the very first ISDT that I watched in Wales, back in 1949, we were amazed at both the sound and performance of the 12 speed 80cc Kreidlers, used by the German team, as they came across the Welsh moors.


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