Friday February 2nd 2018

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This is Team Beta 2018 - It will be interesting to see how they perform. -

As most readers know, I have long called the antics at World Indoor Trials more like a Circus, with little resemblance of what the sport is all about. - Mike Crumly has just posted this on FB, which really “Says it like it is”

X-Trial Circus
Does the F.I.M. and The FIM President Vito Ippolito Sell out the sport of trials to 2play and 2Play Event Production Manager Bernard Estripeau ? Is the money in this Promoter Agreement between them worth the destruction of the sport and a mockery to the record books to call this a championship ? This is not a trials Competition between the best trials riders of the world. This a circus meant to entertain and create revenue. They have changed the sport to be what they believe more marketable,They have not selected the top riders but ones they feel will sell more tickets. They reuse the same obstacles to save money to a point it all looks the same. They add time limits and rule changes to sell more tickets but put the riders at risk. Who are we as Riders, Fans, and supporters of Observed Motorcycle Trials if we allow this to continue ? Who are we if we say nothing ? Krash


Here is another great video - this time from the 1960 “Scramble” at Hawkstone Park in Shropshire UK. - I attended the 1955 event, and was blown away at the steep hill and the whole scene. - Unfortunately, somebody “Nicked” my street bike ( brand new James 197) leaving myself and my girlfriend stranded.


It could be said, that out of all Motorcycle Sport, “Scrambling” now called Moto Cross  - has had the least changes in format, since those early days. - The Outdoor events still attract huge crowds.

On the other hand, the sport of Trials, has seen a lot of changes, and in my opinion, not all of these are for the better. - Check out Albert Cabestany in the video at the top -( Sorry not available at this time)  all he is practicing is hopping on the back wheel, which although very clever, tends to send the wrong message to people just taking up the sport ( In fact many see these videos, and decide to take up something else) - Note: Fortunately Albert also practices some more normal sections in slick conditions.
Of course not everybody will agree on this, but with factories depending on sales to keep the doors open, I think the future of the sport of Trials, is in jeopardy. - The message as far as I’m concerned is simple - “Lets get back to basics”  - Just like Golf, Trials riding is a “Thinking man’s sport” - not about who has the biggest Kahunas.

While we continue to cater to all abilities, at our WTC Trials - lets not forget that the majority of the entry, is made up of ordinary working folk, who just want a nice day out on the bike, with other riders, to have a good time and a few laughs.

I know that to some, what you are reading today, is like an old record - play it again Sam - (not Miller or King) - but I feel it is time for many organizers - to take a close look at what they are trying to promote.

Anyway. That is my opinion. Outlaw Dave.

Breaking News.

It has just been reported that Ulf Karlson, the former World Trials Champion ( 1980) is gravely ill with cancer. - I recall meeting Ulf at our 1975 World Trial, when he fell on one of the very steep slopes coming off the mountain, and sprained his thumb.

Here is a pic by Roger Boothroyd, of Ulf collecting his award from Gerry Marshal at the 1975 World round at Bragg Creek - other people in the pic are myself in the doorway of the trailer & Ron Mallett.

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