Friday February 9th 2018

Update to some news we posted yesterday.

The VMC Trial in Victoria is on this Sunday February 11th - The CPTA have a Trial at Ioco the following Sunday Feb 18th. Sorry for the mistake.  SEE LATEST NEWS FROM SATURDAY !!! VMC and CPTA on same day
And just in case you’re wondering - Roger sent me this pic from today in Victoria. !!!

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If there is one thing that the long winter does for many of us, it makes us appreciate what it’s like to get out in the woods, during the rest of the year.  We remember those sublime days, out with buddies, sitting on top of a hillside, looking out at our wonderful Countryside, - riding the many deer trails that cover the mountainsides, and  yes finding those neat  sections, - smelling the pristine clean air,  the moss covered rocks, and listening to the call of the wild-life. - It really does sound like Paradise, doesn’t it?  - Well, I really hope that all this will be possible for our children and grandchildren to experience for years to come.

BUT, the latest push by the environmental movement along with their buddies on the Political front, would see all this wild wilderness, reserved for just hikers etc, people who seem to have a big grudge against anything with wheels and a motor ( except their cars of course)

Not that this is anything new, it’s been going on for decades - In Alberta, I remember some great weekends riding Trials events in the Mountains  South West of  Calgary, but much of this got shut down back in the 1970’s, by the Peter Lougheed Government, since then other Premiers, have closed off many more wonderful recreational areas.

While it would take a lot more editorials to cover the effect of these restrictions on the Off Road  community, let me just say, that as an immigrant, I came to Canada in 1965, and the single most impelling thing that impressed me, was the “Great Outdoors”  - But this should be available to all the people - not just a select few.

Outlaw Dave.


The winter Olympics is on, and no matter what you think of all the Politics involved, you have to admire the athletes from all over the world, who are competing, last night, I even watched some ice skating for a while, - the dedication shown at all these events is amazing, and for many just a one time shot at fame and fortune - because if you win an Olympic medal, it opens a lot of doors.

There was some talk a few years ago, about adding Trials riding to the Summer Olympics, but this was never ever going to get approved.


In weather news - most of the hiways from BC to Alberta are either closed or in really bad shape because of the heavy snow. !!


Check out this short video clip of Dougie Lampkin explaining “Basic Turns”  - The thing that ALL new riders should be practicing - Forget about the “Splats” - leave that to the Super Stars ( Unless you want to hurt yourself)


This is a shot from New Zealand - where Trials riding is promoted by a few dedicated people, just as it is in Canada - This was an “Adventure Trial” - getting out in the wilds on a nice long loop - looks fantastic.

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