Tuesday March 6th 2018

The Promoters of the X Trial series have this poster up on the Web - They advertise that they hope that Bou and Raga will be there. - Naturally they want to sell as many tickets as possible. - BUT - Is Tony Bou really going to be able to ride ?  - to push his body when he had three broken vertebrae  in his back just three weeks ago, would be insane,  (in my opinion). - Another bad crash could very well see him in a wheel chair, no matter how fit he is.

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Adam Raga on the other hand, should be OK after surgery on his elbow, but no doubt the FIM (or whoever is running the show) will I’m sure, be checking out the safety aspect of the obstacles ( not before time).

Who remembers the big crashes by Kuroyama and Colomer in the past? The Japanese rider’s accident at Sheffield put the finish on what was a promising career in World Trials, While Colomer was very lucky to walk away from his huge crash from the top of the waterfall at another event.

Here is a nice pic of two of the VOR club Executives posing up on the hill last year on their Outlaw Betas - The AGM and election of officers, goes next week. ( This is a REALLY good club to belong to)
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Although the weather continues to be cold at -5 yesterday, it appears that a glimmer of hope is around the corner for later in the week. - we really need a good warm spell in the next few weeks, with some rain to melt the huge amounts of snow in the Valley, but if it happens too fast, we might end up with floods like last year.

Even my happy go lucky Truck driver Mike, was complaining yesterday, when he delivered a new Beta to us - the long winter and slippery driving conditions making life difficult for him, as well as the long distance boys battling poor conditions on the Coquihalla, which made for huge delays.
The new Factory Beta looks very sharp with the new graphics, plus it has a number of upgrades, including magnesium cases. - think Ross is going to be happy when I deliver this today.
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As you can see the driveway is bare - first time since November, However there is a light dusting out there this morning, and there still a pile of snow on the roof of the old Outlaw Van. - In fact it’s still a hassle trying to get to the shop, as sloppy mud has now replaced the snow and ice on the narrow path that I cleared, with huge piles of snow all around the yard.

The bad weather in Europe has also caused a lot of problems - this shipment of TRS bikes for UK Importer Steve Saunders, got stuck in France for the best part of a week.  - Steve supplies us with our carbon -look guards for all the Trials bikes, plus other accessories and appears to have landed  a real winner with the TRS line of bikes.

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Check out this Yamaha racing video featuring Stevie Baker - the years I spent working for Yamaha Canada (10) were some of the happiest times in my life. - Back then in the ’70’s they were so involved in racing and Trials - I was living the dream.



The Reiger Shocks are now fitted to some of the top of the line Trials bikes,including the TRS Factory edition. - here is a video that tells the story of this company - be sure to click the British flag at the top for the English  translation


And here is another old video for you to enjoy >>



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