Wednesday March 7th 2018

Yesterday, I delivered Ross Rathbone his new Beta - a nice trouble free drive up to Scotch Creek in the Shuswap.  as you can expect, a lot of snow up there, and I was surprised to see the North Shuswap Lake frozen over. - I had a great chat with Ross discussing not only the new bike, but also the Outlaw Trial in May.  - Ross says his 2017 Beta Factory 300 is now for sale at $8500 - a quick glance at this in the shop, showed it to be in really nice shape with no scratches and the tires look like new.  - I have his contact info if anybody is interested.

Here is an usual photo, of Mick Andrews testing a 350 CCM back in the day - The CCM was manufactured from old BSA parts, in a redesigned frame etc - Alan Clews was the man behind the project. ( Looked like a big heavy lump)
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There was absolutely nothing on the box worth watching last night - so I checked my large stack of Trials videos and selected one of the best - It’s called Six Days in May - and is a very special edition, made to celebrate  the 100th running of the Scottish Six Days Trial, in 2011. - It features interviews with some of the great names in the sport, while giving insight into the History of the event, rated by many people ( myself included) as the greatest Trials event on the planet. - The 100th SSDT was won by James Dabill on a Beta, the bike he will be riding again this year.


I had an email  from my web-master, Bob Johns with the latest stats on my Outlaw Trialsport web site. - He tells me that in February, over 11,000 people logged onto the site, with over 5,000 new hits.  - I guess we are doing something right.


Looking across the Valley this morning from my office window, I see the sun breaking through, above the white landscape - the promise of warmer weather for the remainder of the week is good news.


More news as it happens >>  Here is your video for today - from 1992>

And if you are a Spitfire fan - check this out ( That means you Andrew)


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