Friday March 9th 2018

David Chambers posted this  photo of Gloria, his lovely wife, who was lost while scuba diving in Mexico.  She is cruising the pits at the recent Texas Enduro, that a group of local riders drove down to. - Gloria was a very good photographer, and used her Beta 200 Trials bike to get around at the event. - You will notice that she has her fingers on both the front brake and the clutch, one of the first things we teach new Trials riders, and I recall the day we spent together up on the trails at Chambers Mountain, giving her instruction on the new bike.

I will always remember this day, as Gloria struggled with the double blip technique, but how excited she was when she conquered one tricky climb that had given her trouble  on her previous bike .  The radiant smile and great attitude, made this a very special occasion for me. - Yes, like everyone else that met Gloria, we are heart broken, but so glad we were able to spend this time with her.

As an old man, if there is one message that I would like to pass on it’s this  -

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get through life - pack in as much as you can each and every day, but take the time to really appreciate the things and people around you - treasure the moments with family and friends - nobody is perfect, so forgive those that annoy you, accept all that is good with an open heart -strive to reach your goals, but accept failure without regret, tomorrow does not come for everyone.
For many, the dreams and aspirations end all too soon - so be sure to enjoy the music before it stops.

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Here is an unusual shot of Mick Andrews from back in the day - It shows him in trouble, while testing a new Sherpa 325 - Mick did in fact ride Bultaco for a while before he got the call from Ossa to develop their bike.
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Seeing this old photo of Mick reminded me about riding the early Montesa models of that era - they had a nasty habit of coming out of gear - usually when you were in a situation like this, which resulted in going backwards very quickly !!

This was also a situation that could occur while riding the Husky Automatic Enduro of the mid-80’s - I remember taking one out to Bear Creek to demo,  in 1985 ( we handled Husky for Steen back then at Kelowna Yamaha)  - Although I gave  instructions on how important it was to keep a finger on the front brake - the rider ( not a novice)  failed to reach the top of a steep hill, and immediately came down backwards, as unlike a normal bike with gears - you could not hold it with the clutch.  - Terry Cunningham in the USA did quite well on one, and they were fun to ride, but I think we only sold the one unit.

I know everybody is getting sick of seeing snow pics - and this one is not, as you might think, in BC - it is in fact in the Italian Alps, and the caption says, “Winter is leaving”   ????   - Did you know they have nine (9) feet of snow at Silver Star?
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