Tuesday March 13th 2018

Here is Hugh Simpson picking up his new 2018 Beta Evo 300 yesterday - Hugh has decided to get back into riding so we are looking forward to getting some “Mid-Week” days out.  (Old retired guys!!)

Actually fast forwarding on that, we are going out later today, so I will take the camera along.

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This is a video of the Colmore Cup in the UK - it is one of the old style long loop events with traditional style sections  - Obviously you will notice that most of these young lads like to hop a bit - but watch Dan Thorpe on the tricky left corner where many just got into trouble by trying to do all the trick stuff. - And remember that at the James Dabill school at Ioco last Fall, one of his first lessons was riding around tight turns without hopping.


Most Off Road enthusiasts who have been around for a while, will know the name Bob Hannah  - This is an interview with him being questioned on winning - at MX - but it’s the same in all sports.  - Check it out.

I met Bob back in the 70’s when he was racing for Yamaha, and the subject came up about brand loyalty - Bob’s reply to me was “Money can buy anyone”  ( He was just a young guy back then)


I like this Classic photo of the late Claude Coutard ( Father of Charles Coutard) - There is something about the old bikes and times that are very special.  The Earles type front suspension was originally rubber mounted, and although very successful at the time, was replaced by the shock system shown in the pic.  ( I could never get used to this design )


And check this post out from Todo Trial  - (translation)

- Modern trial? Classic trial? All of them are TRIALS!!! There is a place for everyone but trials competition must to respect the image and origin if the Sport and not to became a different sport like Biketrial… What do you think?

Check out these results from Texas last weekend - Only one KTM in the top ten.

Norman Tops Texas National Hare & Hound


  1. Kendal Norman (Hon)
  2. Nick Burson (Yam)
  3. Tyler Lynn (Yam)
  4. Clayton Gerstner (Hus)
  5. Chance Fullerton (Beta)
  6. Eric Yorba (KTM)
  7. Joseph Wasson (Beta)
  8. Dalton Shirey (Hus)
  9. Ryan Smith (Hus)
  10. Daemon Woolslayer (Yam)
  11. =====================================>

We haven’t seen any news or pics from the Fun Event at Ioco last Sunday, which was an introduction to Trials, and free Instruction for the lower classes. However this coming weekend is the TRS Trial at the same venue, and with the warmer weather, maybe it will attract some riders from the Interior.


Finally - Did you know that on this date 80years ago, Eric Fernihough set a world speed record of 143.39 mph at the Brooklands Race Track in the UK on a 996cc Brough Superior


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