Thursday April 5th 2018

It was an early start for the old guy yesterday - out the door at 6 am & headed to Revy to deliver a Beta Factory 4T - Mitch Watts and his family are on a sledding holiday for the week, so we took the opportunity to hook up. - Glad to say the weather and the roads were both good - but could not help notice the ton of snow up on the mountains around Joss.  ( five years since I was up there with Stan)

Later Hugh stopped by to pick up his new Evo 200 - unfortunately he has to fly down to California for the next couple of weeks, so he won’t get to ride it for a bit.


Then it was time to head out for a very nice birthday celebration dinner with Babsy and the family - it was a great evening at the Vernon Lodge - good food  and excellent service .

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Roger Boothroyd sent me this old pic of Stan - not sure if this was the Monty that he hated or not,  I ended up with the 200 that he had quite a lot of success on - then he was on the TY Mono for a lot of years ( he still has one)
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It’s hard to believe that 2018 Scottish is only 3 weeks away - with all the snow that they have had in the Highlands this might be one of those very wet years, ( last year was a rare dry one)  - We haven’t heard if anybody from Canada is entered.


In weather news - our friends down East are getting hammered with cold temperatures and snow - they have a Trial scheduled for Sunday so good luck with that. - It’s the same story in Alberta, with the coldest April on record.


Here is a good article by Jim Snell on Del Orto carbs. - We had a couple of these float issues back in our Gas Gas Dealer days - As always, it’s sometimes the little things that get missed when problem solving.

(this message applies to any brand trials bike with a DellOrto carburetor)

If you have an older Trials machine and you are experiencing a rich condition, hard starting, fouled spark plugs, and/or excess gasoline is coming from the float bowl overflows onto your engine cases, it could be a faulty “float”.

Older Dellorto carburetors use the black floats that are not hollow. when they are bad, the only way to test them is by weighing them with a very precise scale or the “floating test” as shown in one of the attached images.

If you have the newer white plastic floats, they are easy to diagnose as they will be full of gasoline if they are bad. Shown in the two attached images.
The two images of faulty white plastic floats are a perfect example of the damage caused by using Ethanol blended gasoline. (Ethanol fuel can damage the black floats as well)The black floats and the white plastic floats interchange as they are used within the Dellorto carburetor model range for trials applications since the early 1980s. Typical correct float weight for this application is 2.8 grams. Dellorto typically casts or imprints the OEM float weight specification in the side of the float.

JETTING NOTE: It is advisable to NOT change carburetor jets until you have first tested your floats. Bad floats will mimic rich jetting.

Installing jets that are too lean to correct a rich condition that is actually caused by a faulty float can cause engine damage.

Note : You can see the full article with pics on the TRS Rising Sun website.

We just received our latest copy of Trial Mag: UK - Fantastic reading - gets better with every issue.

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