Friday April 6th 2018

This is a shot of Barry Sheene  the Super-star of Road racing back in the day   - Barry was loud, flamboyant - always had the chicks around him - and he did a tremendous amount to bring Motorcycle Road Racing to the every day customer. - The Lucky #7 only lasted so long, until his horrific crash that left him with pins in most of his limbs.

Barry came back and raced again, before moving to Australia where he died of cancer - yes he smoked, lots.
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It’s been a busy week for all sorts of reasons - birthday’s,  ( Momma bear - John Lampkin - Adam Raga to name a few)  -  bike sales, have been brisk - and  the Masters Golf started yesterday .

The Team X Trial event goes tonight and I read somewhere that Toni Bou is riding - I really think the Champ is pushing his luck.

The Moto GP Teams are in Argentina this weekend - can Dovi pull off another win?

Chatted to Sam yesterday about the upcoming season - he has his Rodeo gig happening next weekend in Armstrong. - our conversation also included the June Trial at Malakwa.

The Sedin Twins are retiring and the Cannuck fans gave them a great send off in their last home game - voted as two of the nicest guys in the NHL, they also did a lot for the Vancouver children’s hospital.

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Weather is a bit rainy in the Valley at the moment - but consider how things are in Alberta - I talked to Chris Tronnes yesterday and he said it was going down to -28 in Bentley overnight - crazy stuff happening all over.


We hope to get out for a ride this weekend - but with customers coming from out of Town - not sure if this will happen.

more news later >>>>>>>.

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