Saturday April 14th 2018

Here are a couple of good ol’ boys, picking up their TRS Trials bikes from Outlaw on Friday - they are from Williams Lake and we definitely plan on making a weekend fun Trial up in this area later in the year, so keep an eye open for news on my blog.

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Many people are unaware that KTM built a couple of Trials models back in the Twin-shock era - Walter Luft rode one a number of times in the Scottish Six Days Trial.
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A question, we often get asked - especially when we sold three different lines of Trials bikes, is - Which is best? - and my answer to this has always been - “Which ever is right for you.”- We then ask the customer to explain what they want to use the bike for ? - most Trials machines are never ridden in a Trials competition !! ( That might surprise a few) - The most common answer is -”To ride around my property: or to explore the Mountain trails.”
Back in my Yamaha days, I taught a Sales Seminar right across the Country, from Vancouver to St Johns Newfoundland - an epic journey that saw me tackle a lot of “Super Salesmen” - on the merits of qualifying a customer. - A lot of those dealerships have since gone broke, maybe because they didn’t listen? or maybe for other economic reasons.
Naturally - we always point out the selling features of each model - AND mention some things that could be improved on, because believe me, there are NO perfect trials bikes out there - and we know them all.

The plain fact is that no Big Box store has the slightest interest in Trials bikes - Why? because sales are few and the market is so different they don’t understand it.

Again referring to my Yamaha days - in 1974 sales of the TY 250 were greater that most Trials models today - because each Yamaha Dealer across the Country bought one unit - so 500 dealers x one = 500 bikes.

The trouble was most of these were still on the dealers showroom floors at the end of the year - in spite of  Trials promotions involving Mick Andrews across the Country.  -( Hell I did more Trials demos than I care to remember on my travels around the West.) - and yes it was a great time with much promise.

At that time, all the Japanese Factories thought “Trials” was a great way to promote their products -but they also failed to understand the limits on numbers. -  In 1972 Honda introduced the TL 125 - later we saw Suzuki with the RL 250 then Kawasaki with the KL250   - none of these models sold well, and were soon dropped, only Yamaha continued  with the TY gaining popularity for it’s performance and reliability ( in truth they had so many left in the USA Warehouse they had to continue- in Japan it’s called “Loss of Face”
Leaping ahead to the modern era, we all know that there are too many manufactures in a very small market - most of them in Spain. - How many will survive is anyone’s guess.
Simply put - Factories making Trials bikes need to limit their production to sales projections - having left over models to be sold at discounted prices, does not work. - Trials buyers want the latest and greatest, or a used machine that has been proven. ( at a very good price) - Staying small - is -in my opinion the secret for success .

We hope that the above, has given  an incite into the past and future of the sport in Canada. - We fear that there are battles ahead with use on Crown Land.  - But we really hope that the sport as it was originally designed, will not be lost.

The reports on last weekends MotoGP race in Argentina - have been both for and against what happened between Marquez and Rossi, - Here is what somebody else thinks, ( Kevin Schwantz)
“As a rider you can’t knock someone down just because you’re four seconds a lap faster than they are. It’s really basic. I think that it’s still something that they teach in every new rider school for racers: that it is the responsibility of the rider making the pass to insure that the pass is safe and clean.”


Just checked the entry list for the Scottish which is now only a couple of week’s down the road -  no riders from Canada, but 4 from the USA and a few from OZ plus one from NZ.


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