Saturday April 28th 2018

Well ! my Friday appeared to be fairly well organized - at least that is what I thought. - I would head out to Golden around 11 am, to allow myself lots of time to meet Brad Cromey, around 5 pm Alberta time., and deliver his new Evo 250- He would be coming from Elkford  - However, before I left the house, I made sure that Babsy would look after signing for the TRS that would be arriving in the afternoon or at least - that was the plan.

Funny how some days seem to go down the tube, no matter what your best intentions - but first lets start with the good stuff - Yes my trip to Golden went good, with only a couple of minor delays, and my rendezvous with Brad went bang on time - A very nice American chap, who I think we will see a lot more of. ( Forgot to take a pic !!)
Neither of us wanted to hang about, because of our long drives back home, but little did I think just how everything would go haywire.

The weather was warm and absolutely beautiful, but I noticed the road sign just you leave Golden, where it warned of up to 2 hour delays due to avalanche control ( I guess I lucked out when coming the other way)

Surprisingly, I saw no traffic, until climbing up towards the snow sheds, when I passed a couple of trucks - However when I approached the top - everything was stopped - but only for a few minutes, when the long convoy of traffic , with dozens of semis, gradually built up speed down the other side. - This was when I began to think, I was in a stock car race, because although the trucks and the rest of the traffic, were doing 110 - a look in my rear view mirror saw two or three cars and pickups pull out and go charging past at what must have been close to 140. - I watched in horror as vehicles somehow managed to dodge back in to avoid oncoming traffic, while all the time keeping a safe distance from the car in front - one pickup used this space to miss a head on, but nearly spun right in front of me when he braked to miss the vehicle I was following, somehow he held it wildly sliding onto the shoulder & then back.

Took this pic through the windshield with Olympus - just as I came up to all the stopped traffic.

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Making it safely to Revelstoke , I followed the convoy, for a few miles, before everything slowed then stopped - I phoned Babsy and said if we didn’t have any more issues, I should be home by 8 pm, !!! ( Ha Ha)
Then the news from a flag guy, that there had been a bad accident many miles ahead near Malakwa, and the road was closed ( and  no idea when it would open) -This news did not surprise me having witnessed the chaotic driving on the Rogers Pass, so Using my option, I turned around and headed back to Revy - gassed up, phoned Babs, and told her I would try to go around via the two ferry’s South of Revy, and get home on Hwy 6 through Lumby.

And that is how the evening went - others chose to do the same, and racing along the twisty roads to try and make the last Needles Ferry South of Nakusp, was a bit of a white-knuckler. - But we made it home at 12.45 am!!!

So that was a very long day - I’m sure Brad was home in Elkford long before me.

( I still don’t know details of the accident , but this stretch has long been known as the hwy of death.)

Update>  It seems the road opened at 11.30 pm - which still means I got home about an hour earlier than if I had waited in the line up which went back for miles. - Injuries but no deaths in the accident.

Rolling along on a cloudy Saturday morning, - I will try to get other stuff sorted, have some customers picking up parts, and maybe give my Beta the once over, before figuring out if I have enough energy to go for a ride tomorrow - watch for more news later. ( And no the TRS did not arrive, because Day & Ross are so backed up they are days behind with deliveries)


Here is my “Blast from the Past” pic - Outlaw Dave as a young 25 year old with the Norton my wife and I went to Italy on in 1963 - A round trip of 3,000 miles.

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