Sunday May 13th 2018

We will start the blog today, by posting the comments made by James Dabill  - after the 2018 Scottish Six Days. understandably very upset at the outcome ( And yes it was a Michelin Tire that came off the rim)

“As I look back on the SSDT I keep asking myself what I have done to deserve that. To lead all the week and feel so comfortable to be cruelly denied my 3rd 6 days win due to a tyre off the rim, no words can describe how gutted I am. All the hard work just ripped clean out of your hands. But none the less an enjoyable week with my amazing family and friends. Without them none of this would be worth doing anyways.
Next year check 6 coz I’m coming back.”
It goes without saying, that to have this happen at the very end of the day, must have been devastating - and even Dougie likely felt as though he won by default.  - It was a similar thing that happened to his Dad, back a few years ago, when he lost the Trial by taking a five on the last section of Ben Nevis.For sure the third man on the podium, Gary MacDonald, must have been delighted to finish so well, after his brilliant win in the Pre 65 event. - the popular little Scotsman had 8 days of very consistent riding . I’m sure people will be talking about the flick turn he did on the 350 Triumph twin in the parking lot, for a very long time.

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Great shot of Gary MacDonald.
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Of course once it’s all over for another year - many teams celebrate with a couple of Scottish Whisky’s before going their separate ways. - Here are some of the Honda/Montesa crew - Amos Bilbao is on the far right in this pic.
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American rider Dennis Sweeten finished with a first class award in 116th place with 288 points - his daughter Kylee was unlucky to blow the head gasket on her Sherco on Friday - a tough way to end her week.   - Emma Bristow (Sherco) was by far the best Lady rider,  finishing in 37th position

There were two TRS riders in the top twenty - Ross Danby finished 13th and Welsh lad Iwan Roberts 14th - Iwan also had the distinction of being the only rider to go “Clean” on one day.


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