Monday May 14th 2018

With the Scottish Six Day Trial now in the History books for another year, it’s time to turn our attention to our BIG event coming up this next weekend. - The 31st Edition of the Outlaw Trial.

Please note that the start area has changed this year, as the top field at Scotch Creek, has been sold. - - Here are the directions - when you drive into Scotch Creek - you will see a big sign saying “Welcome to Scotch Creek”  - turn LEFT just after this sign, to get to the start and camp area.  - There is no charge for camping and people will be arriving there on Friday.  Please be aware that this is a long weekend and the Police are usually out watching for speeders.

Ross and his crew have been working tirelessly, for many weeks to make this all happen, and as always will have an excellent course set up for all classes.

Sunday, will be Round #2 of the Outlaw Series , but the actual Outlaw Trial is a 2 Day event, starting early Saturday morning.  Check out the poster ( You can see the large copy on the front page of Trials Canada)

Click for Outlaw Trial poster

If you have questions - feel free to either call me at (250) 545-6139 or email -


The weekend weather in the Valley was “HOT” - we decided to kick back and really didn’t do very much - watched the Golf and then went over to our daughter’s for a very nice Mother’s Day supper and family get-to-gether.

Today the temperature is supposed to hit +30 - so not good for the folk living in flooded areas.

We heard from our buddy Turk, who was out yesterday with a couple of friends for a fairly tough ride on Vancouver Island - they were on Enduro bikes, but were super impressed by Turk on his new Outlaw/ Beta 200 when  the going got technical - as we have said for years, the Evo 200 is the best kept secret in the Beta model line-up.


I read the Michelin Press Release after the Scottish, with the glowing report of how well their riders did in this toughest of all Observed Trials, but no mention of James Dabill !! - No doubt he has a different point of view after the brand cost him the win.


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