Tuesday June 5th 2018

Click for poster for final Outlaw trial

Only a few day before the last round of the Outlaw Series at Malakwa - points leaders after two rounds are

Expert Sean Bird  55 points

Advanced - Cam Collie - 53 points

Snr Advanced - Ted McDowell

Intermediate -   Lee Usher and Russ Skiver  30 points each

Sportsman - Bob Clark - 53 points

Junior - Harold Pospisil and Dave Seifert - 30 points each


As mentioned in earlier blogs - The TT Races in the Isle Of Man, are verging on madness, with little chance of survival, if a rider comes off at speed.  Check out this video to get an idea - but there is absolutely nothing to compare, with actually being there.
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In other news from the World of Moto GP - Danny Pedrosa and Honda will part ways at the end of 2018 - Pedrosa has been with the Repsol Honda Team for 18 years. - The pic shows him parting ways on the track, fortunately without injury.


Martin just sent us this nice shot of his new TRRS 280 - parked at a beautiful spot in the Merrit area of BC - Yellow bike & yellow flowers. !! ( and a couple of blue ones

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