Wednesday June 6th 2018

Today is the Anniversary of the “D Day” landings in 1945. - And watching what is going on these days in England - I think this pic sums it up.

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While World and Country Politics seem to fill every moment on both TV and Social media - thank goodness we have motorcycle sport to relieve the tension. -

Here is a great shot  of Mick Andrews, still going strong  and loving his Vintage Trials bikes ( In fact I’ve never seen a pic of him on a new one - except for the TYZ Yam of course - and that is now classed as pretty old)  - In this shot he is standing by his very special James 250, with his favorite Ossa in the foreground.
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Something that I would like to mention - As an old guy, I do things the old fashioned way - so if anybody needs to contact me, please use either my email - - or my land line (250) 545-6139 - Yes I have a cell phone, but rarely use it, so it’s no good leaving me text messages.


The TT races in the Isle of Man continue to thrill spectators, with lap records being broken it seems every day - although the riders start at one minute intervals - they often see close action around the 37.7 Mountain Circuit.

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