Friday June 8th 2018

Only one more day  before the last round of the Outlaw Series at Malakwa - on Sunday -  points leaders after two rounds are

Expert Sean Bird  55 points

Advanced - Cam Collie - 53 points

Snr Advanced - Ted McDowell

Intermediate -   Lee Usher and Russ Skiver  30 points each

Sportsman - Bob Clark - 53 points

Junior - Harold Pospisil and Dave Seifert - 30 points each

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Sam says don’t forget your bug spray as the little critters are out & about.


Yesterday I mentioned about the Dougie Lampkin Autobiography that had arrived in my mail - Now I don’t read a lot of books, but this is one I couldn’t put down. - Dougie’s life story is fascinating and inspirational, while still adding some dry Yorkshire wit.

The very special relationship that he had with his father Martin ( The first ever Trials World Champion in 1975) and the amazing record of the whole Lampkin family in the World of both Scrambles and Trials makes for very good reading - I’m glad that I was lucky enough to meet both Doug and Martin more than once, and able to help Dougie by supplying him with some Outlaw tool belts, when he was starting to make a name for himself.  -

I first met Martin in 1972 at the Scottish Six Days - It was the Friday night and both him and his buddy Malcolm Rathmell were having a pint in the Grand Hotel, where I was staying  - As I was covering the event for Cycle Canada, I wandered over to their table ( just the two of them) and politely asked if I could have a word ( as the Brits say)  - “Of course, come sit thee down, said Martin , what you havin’?” -  meaning a pint.  - in later years we met  quite a few other times, and big Mart was always the same - the friendliest guy you could ever meet.

This being the case, I can only imagine the heartbreak his death created with young Dougie - I really hope that Martin Lampkin will be remembered with some kind of special Trial, the same as we have tried to do with our own fallen heroes.


A bit of history

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Naturally, Like all the Trials that I’ve headed up, I remember every detail, including the screw ups - that’s how you learn.  - Check out the scores - quite high, mainly due to the heavy rain that hit us right at the start, turning the rock climbs into skating rinks. - Also a lot of sections on a long loop in the old English style tradition.
Looking at the results above, I don’t see that many names of guys still even riding - why is that? - is it because of age, family, lack of interest, what? - or maybe modern events with big rock walls ?  Then there are the dedicated few, who have made Trials their life.

Interestingly enough - there were seven kids at this Trial, and while they are not listed in the results, at least a couple went on to do well as top Experts - Ryon Bell, Brandon Wince and Will Duggan.
Dougie Lampkin, likes Trials for the same reason I do - it’s all about getting out in natural terrain and out guessing /out riding, your rivals. - Even at the top of his career, Dougie’s favorite event was and still is - The Scottish Six Day Trial.  Trouble was because he could not afford to get injured - the Honda Factory did not let him compete , while he was under contract to them  ( Ironically, all his injuries, including losing his little toe - occurred in World Round events.)

Check out this video from some of the Indoor stuff.

Today in the Isle of Man- Peter Hickman posted a new lap record of 135mph - while winning the Senior TT. - no words to describe this.
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