Sunday June 10th 2018

So here we have it - today is the final round of the 2018 Outlaw Series - Sammy King is the man in charge today, and he has been putting lots of hours in making a nice loop for everybody at Malakwa. - The weather is PERFECT - ( if you happen to like English type Trials) - However a drop of rain always adds to the challenge, and while some riders are mentally handicapped, when the going is more difficult - the smart thinkers, keep a clear head and usually end up at the top of the results sheet. -

Remember all those times that I’ve stated on this blog, that Trials is a thinking mans ( and Ladies) sport. - Scrambling through a section for an ugly three, could be the difference between being on or off the podium, when you have watched all your competitors take ‘5′.
The weather has always played a huge part in a lot of the Championship & the World Round - that I have organized -  starting with the first Western Canadian Championship in Alberta (snow) - followed by the Canadian National Trial (Snow) - the the FIM World - in 1975 - the “Biggy” - a year of toil and head searching to put on the perfect event, only to have heavy rain on the day before create havoc.

After going through some of this, it’s hardly surprising that I took a break from Trials, and spent my weekends racing Cross Country - but deep down, Trials and the technical aspect have always been my thing - Although I have lots of great memories (and some not so great) about my years in the fast lane.  -

Looking ahead to the event today - it’s hard to say how Sam’s sections will work out - usually a wet event brings about some high scores ( check out my blog from yesterday & the 1991 National that I put on !!)

I should mention that although we don’t make a big deal out of it - The outlaw series attracts a huge number of riders from all over , and also I should mention that these events have been organized under the umbrella of the WEC/WTC - the sanctioning body affiliated  to the MIC ( the Organization that all the Manufacturers belong to)

Keeping things cheap and simple has always been my personal goal, and these past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to find other folk who think like I do. - Ross Rathbone and Martin Lucas, Jake Wideman, Dean Seaman and many more, have jumped into the breach to take on the task as, I have grown old. - To put on one event deserves some  credit. - but to keep things going year after year, requires unbelievable dedication. - I see this with the Victoria Club, with older members, still carrying the torch in order to keep the club and events on the Calendar.  We can only hope that at some point, the younger riders pick up the flag.

Because of the above, I’m really happy that young Sam King has offered to put on this Trial today - in fact he also did one last year. - Sammy is trying to make a living  with his skills as a Trials and Stunt rider - a tough gig for sure - so I hope people will come out and support him today, and at future events at Malakwa - ( We are SO lucky to have this venue)

Next up, on the July long weekend - we have the WTC National (West) round #1 - and again we are lucky to have Florian and Shane heading up and organizing this Prestigious event at Revelstoke. - A big thanks to everybody that have become involved.
At a recent event, I was chatting to my buddy Steve Day about this, and the “Degree of difficulty aspect”  - we spoke about how in years past, it was thought that the ideal score for the winner, should be a “1″ per section, and most of the time this seems to even things out pretty well - in fact in that first Canadian World Round, when the bad weather caused me so much grief, by being out front and easing up the sections, I was able to do just that, with the winner Yirjo Vesterinen  from Finland, losing  41 points in 40 sections.

I’ve said many times, that I take my hat off to the people who put their heart and soul into promoting Motorcycle sport - when things go bad the best ones stick with it.  - I look forward to today at Malakwa, we will bring you all the results later.


I just saw this pic via the wonders of the Social media - and it shows the Town near to where I grew up, and where I went to High School - then into an apprenticeship at the local newspaper.  - It’s strange that as you grow older, you get to appreciate more the things from your youth.  Of course as soon as I got my first motorbike I was out on the moors above Oswestry - Wonderful Country - but dare I say it - the land has been taken over by minority groups such as the ramblers society. - The places that I used to ride as a lad are now closed. -

Almost unbelievably, considering the size of Canada, we are now facing the same issues, with Politicians in the back pocket of the Environmentalist movement - not from so much Canada - but the USA - I shake my head - maybe I should have gone to Australia, but then I would never have got to meet such wonderful people here, and be so overwhelmed by the mountains of Alberta and BC.

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The Canadian Formula One race is on in Montreal this weekend - a circuit that is very popular with most drivers - likely to be another battle between Mercedes and Ferrari - although Red Bull seem to be making a bit of a come-back.
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