Wednesday June 13th 2018

Tuesday weather was just about perfect for our ride in Summerland - the only thing that wasn’t perfect, was the traffic getting there, mainly Kelowna of course - what a gong show especially on the way home.

I decided to take my new/old buddy over the mountain, as I had not been on this loop this year - up past Pete’s Plaque - and the climb to where the cow moose charged me a few years ago.  - before that we rode the neat rocky uphill section just off the bluebell meadow at Rowdy flats - all the time being watched by the beautiful wild black stallion - nor sure where his brood of mares were, as he seemed to be all on his lonesome. - Unfortunately I forgot my camera (darn)

The climb up top turned out to be a bit of a challenge because of dead-fall, but we stopped to admire the lush beauty ( and for me to take a breather) - There have been no bikes over the top so far this year, and the rest of that loop was hard work for me, with a ton of dead fall to either get over or go around - in fact I was quite beat by the time we dropped down the other side towards the area we call McNulty.  ( even my much younger buddy was tired by the time we got back to the van)


Looking ahead to the weekend - the CPTA have the Super Stars Trial at Ioco - but I will be giving this a miss this year - other things happening and of course it’s Father’s Day on Sunday.


The Jitsie gal, has been posting a few video interviews lately, here she is chatting to Adam Raga>



It’s Club night tonight at the VOR in Vernon - new place for the meeting this time - check out the VOR website for info:


Looking back at the rain sodden Malakwa Trial, I’m happy to report that we have had a number of emails from riders saying how much they enjoyed the event - they all thought young Sam did a great job - this is nice to hear, as sometimes slippery & stormy conditions, seem to bring  complaints. - The neat thing about the whole CKMP location, is that things can only get better - the management are really happy, catering to our Trials group, and the more time Sam gets to explore the region, the more sections he will be able to include.

This pic of Don from Golden, illustrates the extreme wet gear  worn by some of the riders, ironically, I had a new supply of the great Wulf gear in my van, but never did unload it !!

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Obviously, having the younger members take over with all the hard work, is for me a real bonus, as my aging body, just can’t cope with the physical demands these days. - Next up is the WTC National at Revy on the July 1st long weekend, this should be another Super event, with Florian and his Team already having things pretty much sorted. - The riders who like our traditional longer loop Trials, will really enjoy this one, but please be aware that this is all happening on Crown Land, where Off road stickers, Insurance and Spark arrestors are required.   ( We have some in stock)


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