Wednesday June 27th 2018

Another nice day in the Valley - hopefully these flash storms will be all done by the weekend.  - Anybody wanting stuff put on the Outlaw Van for the Revy Trial - please email me. !!! (Don’t leave it until Friday night!!!)

Today is going to be busy, with a lot happening - first off I need to take Babsy’s car  in to get it serviced. - then later a customer is driving in from Squamish to pick up the last 2018 Beta Evo 200 we have in stock.  - Seems like everything is either a “Feast or a famine” in my business - so much so that making a daily list of things to be done is a “must” ( now what did I do with that piece of paper?”


Sammy had a mixed day at the Rocks & Logs - He told me it was very tough and very humbling for him riding the Pro Class - He ended up 6th overall. - Here he is being interviewed before the event.

2018 red bull rocks and logs 2018


More news as it happens >>>>>>. Check out this video >>>  video


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