Friday June 29th 2018

What to do on a Thursday !!! A buddy phones and suggests a ride ?  - Wow! what could be better, except that I had just prepped my own special Beta Evo 200 for young Bodi Watts to ride in Revelstoke.  - Sold the other new 200 Beta the day before !!
Hang on ! I have a brand new TRRS 300 in the shop !! - - Lets rip!  -
Anyway, I took the Westside road today to meet up with Steve at Bear Creek -(Going through the Kelowna Traffic is such a drag) -  now you might recall. that our old “Staging” area has been closed off, since a vagrant caused a forest fire there last year.

- So Steve and myself headed up Bear Main. - Stopping at the first cattle guard.

I explained, that we originally started our first Kelowna Trials event at this same spot. -  Things have changed a lot in this area since that first Trial in 1985 -  A new Club and some really good places to ride for Dirt Bikers, in this area  - But that is all Enduro or MX
Anyway, We headed up the hill, while all the time I’m trying to figure out how to get to our old stomping grounds  - suffice to say that we made it - via a long loop over the top from the forestry road - Nobody has been down this trail this year and it is pretty rough from the winter snow melt, plus we had to clear a few branches, but  the route is now secure for all our Trials riders who wish to tackle the  old sections. ( Yes they are still good) plus the trail ride is fantastic.
Here are a couple of pics from today - taken with  my Olympus water proof camera ( it was raining)
I have to tell you that this new Raga TRS 300 is absolutely amazing - It starts so easily - it does everything just right and helps old guys like me.  - We went on quite an epic trail ride - I goofed a couple of climbs, but that wasn’t  the bike’s fault  -( I ride like an old man - feet everywhere)

Over on the West side of the Mountain, we saw a number of  deer - but they really weren’t worried about us.  We made a number of stops to take a breath (for me) while I explained to Steve where we had sections all those years ago.
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Here’s the latest Press Release  from Vertigo
Vertigo Motors regrets to announce that, exclusively for industrial reasons, it has decided to end its contract with trials young prospect Arnau Farré. From the Factory, we want to state clearly that Vertigo has no doubt about Farré’s talent and projection to become one of the best trials rider worldwide, and so, this isn’t the reason for such a decision.

The deal with Farré was specifically linked to the development of the Vandal model, which because of promotional goals, was meant to compete in several international Championships during the season. However, following product development issues, Vertigo has decided to stop temporally its launch, and with that, also all the activity and presence of the bike in competition, what means the Vandal won’t be competing neither in the Spanish Championship or in the TrialGP Series from now on.

We want to state as well, the fact that the rider has received the entire economic compensation of the contract in force, giving him the chance to find new opportunities and challenges in other brands or structures as soon as possible.

We wish Arnau Farré all the best, as well as good luck on continuing with his meteoric progression

Weather for the weekend looks just about perfect for the big Trial at Revvy - not too hot and the super loop that the guys have got set up is sure to please all classes. -

UPDATE :  Just posted - First pics of stunning new 2019 TRS

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2019 TRRS ONE …


New graphics.
Brake lever tip in microfusion with new design, better ergonomics and grip.

Gear lever tip in microfusion with new design, better ergonomics and grip.

Forged exhaust supports with silentblock.

New setting on rear shock absorver.

New plastic protector for the filter box.

New adjustment on front fork.

New cylinder distribution.

New curve CDI program.


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