Wednesday July 4th 2018

Today is a big day Stateside as celebrations take place for the 4th of July Independence Day.  - Best wishes to all our American friends, we hope you have a good one.

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Unfortunately for many in the Western States,  the Wild Fires are once again causing havoc, and although our very wet few weeks  have given a reprieve for us - I just read the the famous Reeth 3 Day Trial in the UK has been cancelled because of the Wild Fire danger up on the Yorkshire moors. ( Think this is a first ever)

As we all know the Forest dries out quickly, so we urge caution when out in the woods, and remind people that Spark Arrestors are now required on all Off road vehicles in BC ( We have these in stock for Beta and TRS)


Here is a pic from our old friend Pat Horan - it’s taken in New Denver, where a bunch of Motorcyclists stopped for breakfast - (Looks like a soggy day) - We have spent time riding the Mountains in this area, with buddies Tom and Nigel ( who just bought a TRS) - there are lots of old trails leading to the many mines from the past -  mostly Silver and Copper I believe.

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As mentioned previously, Sammy was not at the Revvy Trial, because he had a Stunt Show going on in Golden for Canada Day  ( The lad is trying to make a living riding bikes)  However on the Monday, he headed out to the Woods and Danielle got to have some coaching, plus she made this cool video of Sam doing what he does best- check it out >>


Yesterday started off with a trip to the car wash to get some of the mud off my Evo 200 - then back to the shop, to spend at least another couple of hours cleaning it - ( I’m fussy)  Amazingly, young Bodi Watts didn’t put a scratch on the bike in the Trial, his first ride in the Intermediate class - plus this is only the second event that he has ridden ( Both National Trials) -


More news as it happens >>>>

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