Friday July 6th 2018

Gavin Trippe the USA Hall of Fame guy, and one of the big time USA MX Promoters, has died at age 78. - I recall seeing him race, back in the late 50’s. He rode a Honda 250 twin in a Scramble at a club event in Bala, North Wales.


Still with American news, - Bernie Schreiber, appears to have got a new lease on life in Vintage Trials, and is enjoying these events in Europe. - Looking very fit, this pic is from an article in a European Trial Mag: - Bernie has lived in Switzerland for many years., and is the only American Trials rider to ever win the World Trials Championship. ( He once gave a Trials school at Panorama BC - organized by Harlow Rankin)
Image may contain: Bernard Schreiber, smiling


We heard from TRS Canada yesterday, that our TRRS “Gold” 300 is being shipped today - this is just one of the five coming to Canada, out of a total of 150 units made for World wide distribution. - ( Might just keep this in the crate as a collectors item- although my curiosity may get the better of me)


In weather news - it was a scorching +34 in Vernon yesterday !! - bit of a change from last weekend, but it would still have been nice to have moderate temperatures and at least a few sunny breaks for the Revvy Trial. - Temperatures are forecast to be in the +20 range until Monday, when it hits another high of +31. - Some thunder storms are also listed for our area.


Here is your Trials video for today - it shows James Dabill, practicing on his Factory Beta Evo.



I was chatting to Roger from the Victoria Club, after the poor entry at our Revvy Trial, and he told me that, they hosted an Enduro a short time ago, a lot of work, but only 7 riders showed up. - The message of course is clear - if events are not supported, they will be dropped from the Calendar.  - Luckily in our Trials World - the organizers are a tough breed, and do not give up easily, even when weather conditions are dismal.  We expect to have more new events on the 2019 Calendar for 2019 in different areas.

However, Trials has been up & down for decades, and maybe some riders get scared off by seeing what is happening on the videos ? -

I really think the Revvy club are on the right track, with long loops to enjoy the ride, between natural sections for all abilities - plus having the area  as a destination spot, for small groups to visit and follow a map with directions.

Looking ahead to the weekend, I don’t see much on - over in Alberta, the Jacek group have an event happening at Falun - but otherwise things seem pretty quiet. - We plan on going for a ride if the weather isn’t too hot ( Ironic after last weekend) not sure where or with who at this point.


More news as it happens >>>

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