Monday July 9th 2018

A bit of Nostalgia here >
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And I can never resist posting neat pics of Spitfires
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So Travis Pastrana pulled off the big jumps at Caesar’s Palace last night , and while some might say - “So what” - the fact that he did it on an Indian flat-track bike with only  very limited suspension, is pretty impressive - glad he survived - see video >video


Steve Holcombe  (Beta)  smoked ‘em again at the weekend - but I don’t like to see what looks like a metal rear license plate - those square edges could slice a leg or arm open in a crash.

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We all love to see Dads & Mums out riding with their kids - camping out in the woods - nothing could be better.  - We did this a very long time ago - my son on a YZ 80 and my daughter on a TY175. - Steve soon had a TY 175 of his own, and improved rapidly, graduating to an IT 175 for Cross Country racing. - Sadly he was blinded in one eye when a rock from another rider’s back wheel  hit him - he had pulled his goggles down, after a mud hole.  - Helen my daughter, lost interest, in bikes, but was quite a good rider back in the day.


Just saw this pic of Shane Sugden flying high on an old CZ400 - with the Calgary skyline in the background. - Neat.
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