Thursday July 12th 2018

GOLD FEVER ARRIVES IN VERNON !!.  One of only 5 coming to Canada -(Only this one not sold)  150 made for worldwide distribution.

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Suffice to say if you have to ask the price - You can’t afford it !!!


With so much BS going on in the UK these days - regarding the Muslims taking over ( yes it’s true)  Winston would be turning in his grave - here is one of his famous quotes regarding Britain and Europe. - If ever there was a time when England needed another Winston Churchill - this is it. - I should add that I don’t usually post much on Politics or Religion - as it’s a pointless battle. - But when hundreds of thousands of young men and women lost their lives  because of World Wars,only  to have the British Isles turned into breeding ground for Muslims , and their ideals - is tragic.  ( I will never return)
Winston Churchill “We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed. If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea.”


We had a visit from Gord Rinke and his family yesterday - they were on route to Penticton for a vacation - he did have his TRS with him, so we hope to get out for a ride at some point. - Naturally Gord was super impressed by the “Goldie” that we just got, - But says he is more than happy with the Raga 300 that he has - in fact he told me that it’s the best Trials bike he has ever owned, both for riding and ease of maintenance.


Ben Pospisil to Alberta Trials Riders

AUGUST 12th, cow patty trial. Rocky Mountain house Alberta.

Event goes Sunday August 12th.
10:30am start time.
$20 entry fee + club membership if not already obtained.
All classes
This is private land, so no reg or insurance required

-Camping is permitted and encouraged as it’s a beautiful grassy area, very similar to Falun.
-There is a top quality, clean outhouse on site
-Sections are very spectator friendly all within walking distance and provide great entertainment. As well as much improved due to bringing heavy equipment in and many labor hours to sculpt and develop the area in the last two years.

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