Tuesday July 31st 2018

It was another scorcher in the Valley on Monday and it would appear that this will continue for at least the next few days. - Hot is Hot and hard to bear especially when you are old.

We did manage to get some stuff done today  - but started early.

My daughter took this pic from her balcony last night - A deer looking for water.

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Looking ahead to the August long weekend - we might get a bit of a reprieve from the extreme temperatures - then the following weekend, we head for Rocky Mountain House for the ATRA Trial - where it’s always a bit cooler - in fact as I recall last year, I had to dig out my old Parka to sit around the campfire. - but the daytime weather was excellent, and everything about this event at Bernie’s Farm is great.  - Please contact me if you want more info. ( With the Fire Ban in BC - it’s a great chance to ride)

This is a pic from two years ago at the Rocky Trial.

'Happy bunch of Vintage riders at the ATRA.WTC Trial at Rocky Mountain House this weekend.'

The   Rocky Mountain Club are hosting “The Dirty Moose” Cross Country race that same day at Fallen Timber. -  and they have  Chris Burch attending - the New Zealand Super Star will I think, be putting on a School but not sure of the details.


Interesting that I saw a post on the Red Bull Xtreme event held last weekend, showed a wasted looking Graeme Jarvis, and said that maybe the organizers had ” gone over the top”  this year with the degree of difficulty and danger. -

Back in the 1970’s - the best Cross Country races were all held in Alberta, they were tough with only a handful of the 170 + riders ever finishing the famous Moose Mountain event.  - However, the difference was it was always about rider ability and technique - that’s why  Trials riders did well then and that is why they do well now.  ( They changed this event to be more like a Hare Scramble in later years)
I had a guy phone from Calgary today, asking about Trials bikes - he said he was an older racer, who thought Trials might be something that he would like. - He had talked to a few Motorcycle shops, but they didn’t seem to know anything about the sport !! ( Sounds familiar right) - Anyway, I told him about the Rocky Trial and maybe he will show up - ( I will have a Beta plus TRS bikes to both test and look at)


This is the TRS XTrack - which will be in production this Fall - should be just the ticket for a lot of riders.
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