Thursday August 2nd 2018

Strong smell of smoke coming through the office window early this morning -  I saw on the news last night that there were lots of new fires started by lightning - and the unstable weather all over is certainly cause for concern, as we head into the long weekend.

If anybody wonders where we live - it’s across the lake from this campground on Swan Lake, on the North side of Vernon. - I remember Brett Clark camped at this spot a few years ago and it’s very nice.

We have not heard of any Forestry closures so far - something that happened around this time last year, and the reason we don’t plan any Trials for the Summer months.

We have heard from the ATRA, that their Cow Patty Trial at Rocky Mountain House next weekend, is going ahead as planned, as it’s on Private land - Entry Fee is a total of $30 for the day.  - We are looking forward to meeting up with old friends at this great location. - Please contact me or check out the Trials Canada website for further info.

We will be taking the gorgeous limited Edition TRS   for folks to look at - This is straight out of the box and has not been started.
TRRS Gold Edition

We will also have our 2018 Beta Evo 200 and another 2018 TRS Raga 300,  available for demo rides  ( where I can see you !!!)

As always, if you need specific parts put on the van, email asap. .

I saw this pic posted on FB, from a Euro Trial, and was thinking how strange our sport must appear to the average person, who doesn’t understand what it is all about.

I thought the caption “I wonder what they are looking for” - could be posted on this one.


We just read the monthly Newsletter on the Victoria Club website, put out by Roger Boothroyd ( You will see his name misspelled  on the results of the 1975 FIM Trial posted yesterday.  )  - Roger told me that he came to the Trial with his buddies, just to watch - but I talked them into entering. - I urge anybody interested in the History of the VMC to click onto the site as it’s always full of interesting stuff.

I especially like reading the story on “Boomer” - What a character he is, still has his Aussie accent.

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