Monday August 27th 2018

Well we finally have clear blue skies today in Vernon - not sure how long this will last, but the overnight rain obviously helped get rid of some of the smoke from the Wild Fires.

Yesterday, I just played couch potato - watched the early morning Formula One from Belgium - then the PGA Golf. -

Decided against going to Kelowna to grab a coffee with Kevin, as I felt kinda lazy.

Looking back at the cancellation of the Moto GP race at Silverstone because of the weather - I can only imagine the issues coming down the pipe, with spectator refunds, not to mention the huge expense to the Teams.  - I feel sorry for the organizers, as it’s never an easy decision - but rider safety comes first.


Colin Bennett posted this pic of a climb they found yesterday in Alberta, while scouting for an upcoming Cross Country race !!

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The Sleeping Giant trials Club showed off this neat sign at their WTC event at the weekend in Ontario.

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Local Vernon rider Malcolm Hett had a bad crash at an Arizona Enduro X - on the last lap, while in 2nd place - ended up with a broken ankle, but got up and finished 5th - Tough guy - Get well soon mate.


As we head into the Labor Day long weekend - not sure of anything happening, although obviously we would like to get out for a ride.

- The World Trials Circus will be in Yorkshire - so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the English weather, which is always unpredictable.


This kinda sums up TT Road racing in the Isle of Man.
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