Wednesday September 5th 2018

Well. !  -  today is my 81st birthday - and I must say I’m both happy and surprised to still be around - I was really very sick when I was a child.
Of course I think a lot of my health issues were first addressed when I started riding Off Road Motorcycles at the age of 16 - - then coming to the dry Calgary Climate in 1965, seemed to be the turning point.-  or maybe I was just lucky !.

Thanks to everybody who has sent birthday greetings - ( Including Stevie Baker who shares this birthday date with me) -  I really appreciate the friendship of all the people that I’ve met over the years.


I picked Babsy up from the Airport in Kelowna last night - it was surprisingly very quiet - I did bump into an old friend who was there meeting somebody off the same flight - Have not seen him since the late 1980’s. ( I even remembered his name!!)
We have Spark arrestors in stock for both Beta Evo and TRS Trials bikes - this pic is of the Beta unit.
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In case anybody is wondering what Sammy has been up to - well here is a fine example !!! ( I still find it hard to recognize him on a Gasser !! But at least he is still wearing the nice Airoh helmet I gave him. - plus we supply him the Opti Oil to keep things humming)
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The Moto GP teams are in Misano Italy this weekend - basically in Valentino’s back yard near Rimini on the Adriatic coast - This is a wonderful area which we have been lucky enough to  visit.


Click on here to see video from the UK World Round. >>>

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